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The Sims 3 Xbox360 Cheats



Enable Cheats

At the pause menu during the game press RB, LB, RT, LT at the same times and it will ask you to enable cheats.

Disable Aging

Instead of using a cheat code to toggle "aging on" and "aging off" like in The Sims 2, you can de-activate the age in "Game Options" under "Options". When you uncheck the box next to "Aging", your Sims will no longer become older. You can also slow aging down in this menu by setting the "Lifetime" bar. It can be set from 25 days to 960 days.

Magic Lama Time

Click the start button and press LB, LT, RB, AND RT all together and click the top bar that says yes and then go to build and buy and go to decor miscellaneous and it's in the first box and voila!

Make your sims a different colour

When making a sim, go onto sskin and body, at the top of the page there should be a little skin coloured circle, click on it, choose the colour g1ren, red or blue, your sim will turn the colour you have selected, enjoy!

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After unlocking all cheats (press start, then press rt,lt,lb,rb all at once) go to your mailbox (can't be someone else's) and press lt over your mailbox. Options such as make all happy, make friends for me, force npc ( maid, mailman, repoman, burglar, police, pizza delivery etc.), set career,make needs dynamic/static (dynamic=caring for your Sims static=never have to feed,bathe etc.) reset sim, (can do that without unlocking cheats) and force visitor (random person)

How to use the cheatsunabletrue

First you put in this cheat code,but make sure your playing,then press pause after that press all the 4 back buttons on the xboix controller and it will ask you do you want to use the cheat press yes!! Then you will havww 99,999,999 dollars. So now this is when you can use the cheatunabletrue cheat. First while playing the game make sure your circle thing is on the floor in a blank area then hold down lT until the circle turns purple then press a and it say teleport here press it and you will teleport. Then go to your mailbox hold and press lT again and it will says alot og things like burglar etc

How to have more than 6 people in your family

If you have six people in your family and you are in live mode you hold LT then choose the person you want to put in your family then as you are still holding LT click A on the sim you want in your family then it says add to family or have birthday click on add to family and volla you have more than 6 sims. It always works.


At the start menu, hold down the LB,RB,LT and RT at the same time to enable cheat option.


Baby Steps (5)Create a household.
Be Excellent To Each-other (15)Reach the maximum potential Karma.
BFF! (10)Make a best friend.
Botanical Perfection (15)Grow a perfect plant.
But it's Inflammable! (10)Extinguish a Sim on fire.
Challenging (20)Complete 50 Challenges.
Child Prodigy (20)Complete a Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult.
Climbing the Ladder (20)Reach level 5 in a career.
Dream Big (50)Complete a Lifetime Wish.
Epic Fail (15)Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family.
Epic Party (20)Throw an awesome party.
Expertise (25)Reach level 10 in a Skill.
Fit For a King (15)Prepare a perfect meal.
Genie (30)Gain 150,000 Lifetime Happiness Points on one Sim.
Graduated (5)Complete the in-game tutorial.
Happiness... It Stacks (15)Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.
Home is Where the Simoleons Are (10)Raise your household's value to §35,000 or more.
How you Doin'? (10)Learn the Charisma Skill.
I Double Dare Ya (5)Explore the catacombs after dark.
It's a Date (20)Go on a date.
Leet Skillz (25)Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.
Mad Skillz (15)Complete any 2 Skill Journal Milestones.
Master Architect (20)Build a home of at least §350,000 property value on a large lot.
Matchmaker (30)Start 5 romantic relationships.
Miracle Worker (30)Complete 1,000 Wishes.
Movin' On Up (40)Move into a new home.
Not Dead Yet (10)Resurrect a Sim.
Not Twice, But 10 Times (20)Complete 10 Opportunities.
Once a Parent, Always a Parent (40)Welcome a child into the family.
Owned! (15)Buy out a commercial property in town.
Partners in Crime (10)Become a partner of the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse.
Power Overwhelming (25)Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points.
Pyromaniac (20)Get an insurance check for over §15,000 after using the Firestorm Karma Power.
Sim About Town (10)Attend a town event.
Sim-Author (10)Write a book.
Stylizer (15)Design and save 20 styles using Create a Style.
That New Car Smell (5)Buy a car.
The Big Proposal (50)Get engaged.
The Reviler (30)Become a public menace.
This is so Meta (5)Experience the Meta.
Trophy Fish (15)Catch a perfect fish.
True Wealth (25)Gain 250,000 Lifetime Happiness on one Sim.
Uberchallenging (30)Complete 150 Challenges.
Very Challenging (25)Complete 100 Challenges.
What Goes Around (10)Use a Karma Power.
Wish-Master (25)Complete 100 Wishes.
Wishful Thinker (10)Complete 10 Wishes.
Woo Hoo! (40)Make Woo Hoo.
Working Friends (30)Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers.
You Never Forget Your First (30)Have a first kiss.