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Black Ops 4 Double XP Weekend | 2XP Start and End Date Time

Rejoice, Call of Duty fans, for a Black Ops 4 double XP weekend event is upon us. Treyarch has announced the BO4 2XP event will earn them double the goods in certain game modes, allowing players to rise up the levels faster. But which modes will be affected? And when are the Black Ops 4 double XP start and end dates?  Find out with our guide.

When does Black Ops 4 double XP end?

black ops 4 january double xp weekend event end date

You don’t have to wait long at all, players. The January Black Ops 4 double XP event kicks off on Friday, January 25 at 10 AM PT (1 PM EST and 6 PM GMT) and last for four whole days. That means you get double XP until Monday, January 28 at 10 AM (1 PM EST and  6 PM GMT) so you best fill your boots whilst you can.

This offers any newcomers to the game and franchise to quickly level up, while established players can earn that loot that they’re missing out on. It’s a perfect opportunity to do either in our minds anyway.

Black Ops 4 double XP modes

black ops 4 january double xp weekend event modes

Anything and everything multiplayer, aside from Zombies mode that is. You can earn twice the amount of XP in Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, and more. You’ll have to be a decent Black Ops 4 player by now to make the most of it, as you’ll be killing fellow players and not CPU controlled enemies. But hey, we’re confident that you are.

Black Ops 4 double XP Zombies

black ops 4 january double xp weekend event 2xp

Zombies mode got its own double XP event earlier in January. As part of Black Ops 4‘s 115 celebration event, players could earn 2XP in any Zombies mode, including the recently introduced Gauntlet mode. It makes sense that developer Treyarch wouldn’t include 2XP in Zombies after only doing so a week ago, hence why it isn’t part of this particular weekend event.