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Metro Exodus Download size | How big is the install size?

The Metro Exodus download size has been revealed. The third installment in the Metro series is due to be released on February 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but how big is the file size? Find out with our Metro Exodus download size guide.

Metro Exodus download size Xbox One

metro exodus download size xbox one

It isn’t astronomically big, but it’s a decent enough size that it will require a bit of waiting to download. According to the game’s official Microsoft store page, Metro Exodus‘ file size is 53.45GB. To give you some idea of just how enormous it is, we’ll compare the file size to that of Metro Exodus’ predecessors.

Metro: Last Light came in at 9.25GB as part of the Redux bundle on Xbox One. Metro 2033, meanwhile, was even smaller – coming in at a paltry 7.95GB in total. The sheer size of Exodus, in contrast to the other two titles, is down to its open world, mini-sandbox style maps that Deep Silver and 4A Games have added.

Metro Exodus PS4 and PC download size

metro exodus download size ps4 pc

We found out how big the Metro Exodus download size file would be on PC when the requirement for the FPS were revealed on January 26. The PC edition of the game will clock in at 59GB. We covered the required PC specifications you’ll need to handle Metro Exodus too, so check this link to see what system requirements you need to play it.

For PS4, meanwhile, there’s been no word on the official file size. What we can do is estimate how big it’ll be for Sony fans. Metro: Last Light Redux took up 9.72GB of space on the PS4 hard drive. Compared to Xbox One, the file size difference is minimal. If this is still the case for Metro Exodus, expect the PS4 version to be around 53GB too.