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Are there Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 3?

If you weren’t already fan-casting Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 then you haven’t lived. Would Sephiroth show up to team up with Xehanort? Is Cloud going to kick our asses (again)? And would any of the Final Fantasy 15 cast, such as Noctis, rock up and be up to no good? The answer for that, I’m afraid, is mostly going to be disappointing. Below is the full list of Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 3, if you want to even call two tertiary characters and a parody a Final Fantasy appearance, that is.

Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 | Full list

Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 3

This is going to be insultingly brief. Sorry, kupo!

There’s the merchant Moogle in Twilight Town. He’s still shilling his Potions and whatever else he can get his hands on; you’ll find him in every single world next to at least one save area. He’s even got a thing for Herc’s abs this time around. The race of Moogles has appeared in every game since Final Fantasy II and is about a close to a series mainstay as you can get.

Finally (I told you it was a short list!), there’s a cheeky Cactaur reference during the Toy Story Toy Box world. You’re charged with finding a certain character and, to reach them, you have to get to a vent that is teasingly out-of-reach. Sora, being the genius that he is, decides to use building blocks to reach the vent. When you finally complete the block mosaic, you can see the full picture: It’s a Cactaur.

final fantasy characters in kingdom hearts 3

Besides that, there’s one very sly reference to Final Fantasy 15 in the opening cinematic of the Toy Story world. For a second, you think you’re going to be seeing the likes of Prospero and Ignis as gritty, spiky-haired protagonists battle a faceless evil. But any hope of more Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 goes up in flames with the Toy Story 2-style reveal that Rex is actually playing a game called Verum Rex. Bah, humbug.