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Destiny 2 1.32 update patch notes | What’s new?

The Destiny 2 1.32 update is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC after server maintenance. Fans of Bungie’s title have been dying to find out what’s new and improved for Destiny 2 after being teased last week. Find out everything you need to know about the latest patch with our Destiny 2 1.32 update patch notes guide.

Destiny 2 1.32 update | Buffs to Supers

destiny 2 1.40 update supers buff

The major change in the Destiny 2 1.32 update is that Supers have been buffed. They’ve been made even more powerful than before. Examples for this include increased boss damage when using the Golden Gun Super as the Hunter Gunslinger, Sunspot damage increased from 25 to 50 for Titan Sunbreakers, and Cataclysm Nova Bomb increased to 1500 damage for Warlock Voidwalkers.

The full list is available via Bungie’s patch notes, which we’ve linked to below.

Destiny 2 1.32 update | Bug Fixes

destiny 2 1.40 update bug fixes

It wouldn’t be an update day without a number of errors being removed. One of the main ones is being able to unlock the “Like a Diamond” triumph if you hadn’t been able to before. This triumph is rewarded to players who complete the “Scourge of the Past” raid in a single session with no deaths, so hopefully you have it now.

Other fixes include forge emblems being awarded for forge completions instead of specific bounty completions, Black Armory lore drops increased to 20%, and more.

Destiny 2 1.32 update | Weapons Tuning

destiny 2 1.40 weapons tuning

There have been a number of changes to various weapons in the game, with some buffed and others nerfed. All rifles have seen their base damage increased between 5% and 8%, while grenade launcher hits feel more consistent than before.

The draw time on bows have been made more noticeable too, while guns like the Telesto have actually seen their base bolt damage reduced by 19%.

Destiny 2 1.32 update | Full patch notes

destiny 2 1.40 update full patch notes

For a complete rundown on everything that’s new, improved, or changed in the Destiny 2 1.40 update, you can head to the official Bungie patch notes here to read up on them all.