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Fortnite Anonymous mode | How to hide player username

The Fortnite Anonymous mode was implemented with the 7.30 update. It brings new functionality to the game to help streamers (and other players) remain anonymous. Having now replaced Streamer mode, the new Fortnite Anonymous mode offers a bit more customization of how usernames are shown in-game. Here’s our full guide on how to turn on Anonymous mode in Fortnite, and also an explanation on what it does.

What does Fortnite Anonymous mode do?

Fortnite Anonymous Mode

To avoid unnecessary toxicity from unpleasant players, users can now activate the Fortnite Anonymous mode to hide their identities while playing the game. Turning this mode on will replace the player’s username with “Anonymous.”

It should be noted, however, that if a player attempts to submit a report against an “Anonymous” player, the actual username will still be attached.

How to hide my username in Fortnite

Fortnite Anonymous Mode

To hide your username in Fortnite, simply head to the game’s Settings menu and enable the desired Anonymous mode options. You can choose to hide your username from other players with a simple button push.

To reverse the process, head back to the Settings menu and disable the Anonymous mode options. This should return things back to default, meaning players will once again be able to view your username.

How to hide other players’ usernames in Fortnite

Fortnite Anonymous Mode

In addition to allowing users to hide their own name, the Fortnite Anonymous mode can also hide other player names. This is especially helpful for streamers who want to protect those they are battling against.

To enable this option, head to the Fortnite Anonymous mode settings and enable the Hide Other Player Names option.

Turning off Hide Other Play Names simply requires the option be disabled.

Is the Fortnite Streamer mode gone?

Fortnite Anonymous Mode

Though the Fortnite Streamer mode is indeed gone, it has been replaced with Anonymous mode, which boasts additional functionality.

If you’re disappointed to see the Fortnite Streamer mode go, we would suggest trying the Anonymous mode instead. You never know, it may surprise you!