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Kingdom Hearts 3 1.02 Update Patch Notes | Day One Patch

The Kingdom Hearts 3 1.02 update is the day one patch that players will have to download to start their adventure. Kingdom Hearts 3 patch 1.02 adds an essential part to the game, that while not necessary to complete it, will definitely give fans something to talk about.

The release of Kingdom Hearts 3 1.02 is right on target according to the update schedule that Square Enix released on Twitter. A previous update added the Memory Archive, which contains a series of five videos that are intended to help players catch up on bits of the story.

Kingdom Hearts 3 1.02 Patch Notes

Square Enix gave us a bit of a hint what would be coming in patch 1.02 earlier this month. On Twitter, the official Kingdom Hearts account gave a rundown of this month’s patches, including what Kingdom Hearts 3 update 1.02 would have in store.

The main thing Kingdom Hearts 3 1.02 brings is a new epilogue cutscene which gives a little more closure on the story and has some potential surprises in store for players. The update is 2GB on Xbox One and 1.5GB on PS4, so there won’t be much of a wait for most.

As stated above, patch 1.01 added the Memory Archives, which are a serviceable way for those who have never played Kingdom Hearts or who need a refresher to get an overview of a bit of the story from previous games.

Still coming, likely in Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03, is the secret video. To view this one, you’ll have to collect a certain amount of Special Emblems and complete the game. We’re not exactly sure what’s going to be in store for players in the secret video, but it’s sure to be exciting if you can tell what’s going on.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Update 1.02 Patch Notes

  • Added new cutscene: Epilogue

Kingdom Hearts 3 Update 1.01 Patch Notes

  • Added Memory Archives to the title screen
  • Fixed various issues