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PUBG Resident Evil 2 Crossover | What is it?

The Resident Evil 2 remake is currently one of the biggest single-player games around, and it’s crossing over soon with one of the biggest multiplayer games around, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. While zombies in battle royale games are nothing new, the PUBG Resident Evil 2 crossover still sounds a lot of fun. However, a lot of important questions remain. Where can fans play the crossover? When does it happen? What will it involve? Is it entirely based in just one of the games, or will both games experience the crossover? We’ve got the answers to these pressing concerns.

What platforms get the PUBG Resident Evil 2 crossover?

At the moment, the only announced platforms for the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds x Resident Evil 2 event are iPhone and Android, as the crossover is an exclusive for the PUBG Mobile version.

It was announced back in December in a tweet from Capcom’s Japanese account, simply says that the studio’s survival horror series would be collaborating with “world’s most popular mobile game,” meaning PUBG Mobile. There have been other crossover events exclusive to the mobile version, such as one for Mission: Impossible – Fallout last year. It may spread to the PC and console version of PUBG as Resident Evil 2 is a big game right now, but then again it’s more likely to stay just on PUBG Mobile.

What will happen in the PUBG Resident Evil 2 Crossover?

The crossover will add a new limited-time mode to PUBG Mobile titled Resident Evil 2: Sunset. It’ll still be a battle royale mode in the traditional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds way, with an ever-decreasing playable circle and the scavenging of resources, except with a number of Resident Evil features. It will take place on the game’s original Erangel map, and will feature a day and night cycle. Zombies roam the hills of the island in both light and dark times of day, but at night there are a lot more of them around. They’re designed to behave just like the resilient zombies from the Resident Evil 2 remake, so they’ll take some beating to put down.

Harder enemies from the game are supposed to spawn too at the end of waves, and defeating these bosses will get players more resources and items, like in a weapon drop. It’ll get harder and harder to survive these waves, and that’s even ignoring the other players trying to kill you.

When does the crossover happen?

The crossover will begin officially with the release of the PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update, which is coming soon. The global release will apparently arrive some time before February 10. The new Resident Evil 2: Sunset zombie mode is actually currently available in beta, so mobile players have been playing it for a few days now already, which is why there are videos of the new mode up on YouTube. There’s no word yet on whether the final version will include more modes other than Sunset, but that’s all that can be played in the beta version. The PUBG Mobile main menu has also apparently received a Resident Evil 2-style makeover, which includes the title screen music from the remake. The crossover sounds fun, so it’s a shame it’s sounding like it won’t make it to the regular PC and console version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Will anything from PUBG head to Resident Evil 2 remake?

While it was impossible for any previous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds movie crossovers to feature anything in the movies themselves, this particular gaming crossover is touted as a full collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2. As Resident Evil 2 is a videogame, out now, and will be getting free DLC in the near future, could it be possible that some features of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds actually end up crossing over into the PC and console Resident Evil 2 remake? Maybe some weapon skins, or a costume for Leon and Claire based on the classic PUBG character outfit? How about a frying pan melee weapon item?

At the moment we have had no word that the PUBG Resident Evil 2 crossover is anything but one-way, but then again Tencent and PUBG Mobile have not announced all the details on what the crossover will feature, other than the limited-time event Sunset zombie mode. To be honest, don’t expect it to be much more than that, and certainly don’t expect to see a frying pan in the RPD building anytime soon. It’d just look out of place…