Resident Evil 2 The Ghost Survivors release date announced

If you can’t get enough of Resident Evil 2, there’s even more content coming out next month. The Ghost Survivors, a free DLC update that is coming out on February 15, will focus on three stories of people who were unable to escape from Raccoon City.

The update, which was given a release date today, features three “what if” scenarios for three people who ultimately didn’t survive the zombie infestation in Resident Evil 2: The gun shop owner Robert Kendo, a weathered Umbrella soldier, and the mayor’s daughter Katherine Warren.

Ghost Survivors will also feature an enemy type that is unique to the update. There will also be a shop where players can obtain purchasable items with points they earn during gameplay.

The first details regarding The Ghost Survivors were shown last week during a Resident Evil 2 livestream event. In addition to the new scenarios, there will also be randomized elements, which were not made clear.

Following its launch last week, Resident Evil 2 has scored both commercial and critical acclaim. GameRevolution has given the game a 5/5. It also ranked at the very top of the UK charts this week, beating out top titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It sold best on the PlayStation 4, with 74 percent of the game’s physical sales going to Sony’s system.

This level of success makes Resident Evil 2 one of Capcom’s biggest launches since 2017. The company has said in the past that the game’s success could lead the developers to “explore” other remakes of older titles.

Capcom has said in the past that there would be a few post-release additions to the Resident Evil 2 remake following its launch last week. There will also be new nostalgic costumes for main characters Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy where they are dressed similarly to their lower-resolution original models. They will be released on March 22.