Resident Evil 2 ‘The Ghost Survivors’ free DLC revealed

Yesterday we reported that Resident Evil 2 Remake‘s director and the game’s producer had confirmed that discussions about Resident Evil 2 DLC had taken place but nothing was currently in the works. Turns out that simply wasn’t the case after Capcom announced that Resident Evil 2 The Ghost Survivors will be the first bit of DLC for the upcoming game and what’s more, it’ll be free.

Details on what The Ghosts Survivors will include are a little fuzzy. At the moment, the DLC’s headlining itself as a mode with randomized elements. Exactly what will be randomized hasn’t been confirmed, but a safe guess would be that weapon, healing items, and enemy spawns will be randomly generated with each run.

The gameplay has been described as giving players a chance to explore the game world and purchase bonus items in an in-game shop using points that you’ll rack up in the game mode, so no need to worry about microtransactions. Other than that, it also appears that the DLC will include a collection of characters for you to play as that include gun shop owner, Robert Kendo and the Mayor’s daughter, Katherine.

The announcement came during Capcom’s livestream today, with details of The Ghost Survivors yet to confirmed for the West. The livestream ran for just under two hours, with the panel showing off a few bits of gameplay and the different areas that Leon and Claire will explore in the game. Now, my Japanese is a little rusty but it seemed like they also re-enacted a scene from the game, either that or an actual zombie casually walked on to the stage and everyone was fine with it.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake will launch worldwide on January 25 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Though no date has been released for when the free Ghost Survivors DLC will arrive.

(Via VG24/7)