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Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03 update patch notes

Yes, there’s already a Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03 update just 48 hours into the game’s life-cycle. But don’t be alarmed, there isn’t actually all that much to worry about when it comes to the Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03 patch notes, mostly because Square has already signaled what would be coming in the new Kingdom Hearts 3 update today, January 31, well in advance. I hope you’ve been collecting Lucky Emblems.

Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03 update patch notes | Secret Ending & Secret Movie

Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03 update

That’s right. All you need to really know about the Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03 update is that a “Secret” video has been released. The download, which weighs in at 417 MB, will bring with it a Kingdom Hearts staple: a teasing secret movie that will unlock only after certain requirements have been met.

Unfortunately, Square has not yet released said requirements and, other than a teasing quote from series director Tetsuya Nomura in Famitsu, we’ll have to wait to find out how to unlock it.

The secret movie will be released on the 31st, and whether or not you will be able to unlock it “will be related to how many [Lucky Emblems] you’ve taken pictures of,” Nomura tells Famitsu (H/T KHInsider).

In fact, all we have confirmed so far is that playing on the easiest mode will require you to grab all 90 Lucky Emblems while on Standard and Proud “you can miss a few.”

Still, once you do, you’ll get a notification on the Title Screen of said Secret Movie being unlocked. From there, head down to the Theatre to feast your peepers on what is sure to be a highly-discussed scene. Will it tease Kingdom Hearts 4? Or a prequel, perhaps? We can’t say for sure (yet), but the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie is a-go, that’s for sure.

See below for the full Kingdom Hearts 3 1.03 update patch notes in the form of a recent series of tweets from the Kingdom Hearts Twitter account: