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Kingdom Hearts 3 Default vs Stable mode | How to get 60 FPS on PS4 and Xbox One

If you’ve dived into the game’s “Config” file, you may be facing a bit of a dilemma, as you’ll need to choose between Kingdom Hearts 3 Default vs Stable mode. These two modes affect the game’s performance, allowing users to prioritize either smoother frame-rates up to 60 FPS, or a more stable, locked 30 FPS. At the time of writing, however, there is a very clear winner. Here’s everything you need to know about picking between the two modes, for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X.

Should you choose Kingdom Hearts 3 Default mode?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Default vs Stable mode

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Default mode describes itself as having “smoother graphical movement.” It unlocks the game’s frame-rate, allowing for up to 60 FPS. As you may know from playing the wide variety of shooters and racing games that push for 60 FPS, this leads to an overall smoother experience and also quicker inputs. What’s more, at least at the time of writing, this mode also avoids the more extreme frame-pacing issues that the Stable mode introduces.

In other games that offer an unlocked frame-rate, the inconsistent number of frames can have a negative impact on the image. However, when it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3 Default vs Stable mode, we would most definitely recommend the Default mode!

Should you choose Kingdom Hearts 3 Stable mode?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Default vs Stable mode

As we touched on above, the Kingdom Hearts 3 Stable mode is currently a terrible choice. Though it is intended to provide “more stable graphical movement,” it doesn’t really work all that well. As measured by Digital Foundry, this game has severe frame-pacing issues when the Standard option is enabled. Until Square Enix is able to fix this mode, we’d recommend avoiding it altogether.

If Square Enix is able to roll out a patch which implements a Stable mode fix, this may be a solid option for those on the base-level PS4 and Xbox One. Sometimes the consistent 30 FPS lock is more preferable, as performance jumping between low 30s and high 50s can be jarring. As the PS4 and Xbox One mostly bounce between these frame-rates, a working Stable mode could help more players enjoy the game.

How to run Kingdom Hearts 3 at 60 FPS on PS4 and Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts 3 Default vs Stable mode

Hitting 60 FPS in Kingdom Hearts 3 is how you achieve the smoothest gameplay. When it nails that frame-rate, images are being outputted at twice the speed when compared to 30 FPS. This means everything looks a lot more fluid, and your input feels more responsive. Unfortunately, running Kingdom Hearts 3 at 60 FPS can be a little tricky.

While the base PS4 and Xbox One can hit 60 FPS in the least demanding scenes, their frame-rates will rapidly fall when having to output busier environments and/or more intense effects.

If you’re playing on the Xbox One X, however, you’ll be hitting that 60 FPS cap a lot more often. Just ensure you have the Default mode selected, as explained above!

Those hoping to accomplish similar results on the PS4 Pro, with a 60 FPS lock being the dream, will have to jump through a few hoops. Simply booting up the game and choosing the Default graphics mode won’t be enough, I’m afraid, as the target resolution when plugged into a 4K screen sucks up too much bandwidth.

To enjoy the Kingdom Hearts 3 60 FPS experience on PS4 Pro, you will first have to head to the Sound and Screen options in console settings. You’ll then need to change the resolution to 1080p and disable Supersampling. Finally, boot the game back up to see Kingdom Hearts 3 running at a very smooth frame-rate.

Which is the best version of Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Default vs Stable mode

The best version of Kingdom Hearts 3, when looking purely at frame-rate, is the PS4 Pro when combined with the forced 1080p “trick” that I explained above. While the Xbox One X is more powerful, and manages to output the game at a good-looking 1440p, its average frame-rate is less than that outputted by the PS4 Pro at 1080p.

If the smoothest possible gameplay is what you want, and you don’t mind limiting yourself to 1080p in order to achieve it, then PS4 Pro is the best choice for you. It will hit that 60 FPS target more often than any other console, which makes for the most smooth and responsive experience.