Box art - Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 Game length | How long to beat the campaign?

With the Crackdown 3 release date of February 15 rapidly approaching, fans of the franchise are no doubt preparing to grind for hours and hours until they see it completed. Of course, with an open world game like this, finishing the story and getting all collectibles is expected to take a decent chunk of time. When it comes to the Crackdown 3 game length, there’s both the “how long to beat the story?” and “how long to get all collectibles?” questions to be answered. Well, thanks to a recent interview with the game’s creative director, we can at least answer the former.

Crackdown 3 Game length | How long to beat the campaign?

When it comes to cracking down on the true Crackdown 3 game length, it’s best to ask the man behind the game itself, who has no doubt been playing it for countless hours already!

In an interview with GamesBeat, Creative Director Joe Staten detailed what we can expect on the Crackdown 3 game length, commenting, “We have this really cool 15-hour-plus campaign.” This estimate is more than double the length of the previous game in the series, and appears to accommodate a variety of playstyles. According to Staten, the game will allow for either a “relaxing story experience” as well as more high-paced action. Likewise, he assured that the campaign feels “like a modern open world game, but it still has this classic Crackdown pulpy sandbox of fun,” intimating that there is more to the story aside from the main mission.

Staten also commented that the game’s structure won’t prevent you from trying to finish the campaign early, saying, “If you want to go right after the central tower, right after the main bad guy, there’s no linear story that stops you from doing that.” As such, the game length will vary based on how much of the campaign you want to play, but Staten’s assurance of a “15-hour-plus” game length indicates that this figure likely serves as a baseline for the average experience. Moreover, there are multiple modes in multiplayer in addition to single-player, and even more variations of agent skill leveling to experiment with, similar to the interchangeable character roster in Overwatch.

Crackdown 3 is set to release for PC and Xbox One on February 15, and will immediately be available on the Xbox Game Pass.