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Fortnite Valentine’s Day dark challenges, rewards, and skins

Ahead of a potential reveal, some Fortnite Valentine’s Day things have been leaked. It seems as though Fortnite is going to get all loved up come Valentine’s Day. We might be getting new Fortnite Valentine’s Day dark challenges, rewards, and skins. Read on to discover what the leak detailed about the most romantic day of the year on Fortnite.

Fortnite Valentine’s Day | Dark challenges

Fortnite Valentine's Day

According to Redditor u/Shwubblz, Fortnite is set to get a whole lot more romantic on Valentine’s Day. If that was possible. A good amount of data-mining led Shwubblz to discover several new pieces of Valentine’s Day Fortnite content, including what appear to be daily challenges.  As of writing, we’re unsure exactly what the challenges will be (although we won’t have long before we find out).

We do know, however, that it appears to be a challenge bundle, not too dissimilar to the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges over the holidays. There are different sets to complete, according to Shwubblz. “4 daily challenges, 5 then 6 then 7.” You might receive different rewards for completing the challenge sets. “So maybe a themed pickaxe or backbling with the challenges.”

Unfortunately, as it appears to be a challenge bundle, that means you will have to buy it… If you don’t already own the Love Ranger skin. It seems that you might be able to access the Valentine’s Day dark challenges for free if you already own the Love Ranger skin. Or at least, we can hope this is the case.

Fortnite Valentine’s Day | Rewards and Dark Love Ranger skin

Fortnite Valentine's Day

As stated above, it looks as though you will unlock the Dark Love Ranger skin in Fortnite when you complete each of the six daily Valentine’s Day dark challenges. That won’t be the only reward, however.

According to Shwubblz, there will be some Valentine’s Day themed cosmetics to unlock also. These will likely include a Pickaxe, Backbling, loading screens, and a Banner.

Alongside all of this, the original Love Ranger skin is said to be on sale in the Item Shop again beginning February 14, 2019. You will have to unlock the Dark style via completion of the challenge bundle, it seems.

Dark Love Ranger Image concept credit: u/Knzui.