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Apex Legends Lorem Ipsum | Xbox name error explained

The hell is Lorem Ipsum? That’s probably the question most people asked when they booted up Apex Legends on Xbox One this week and saw a bunch of people playing Lorem Ipsum on their Xbox Friends List. Don’t worry, it’s not a new game you’ve never heard about. Below, we’ll explain the Apex Legends Lorem Ipsum error and, honestly, it’s nothing to worry about. We’ll even explore whether an Apex Legends Lorem Ipsum fix is forthcoming as the game navigates a fun and frantic opening week.

What is the Apex Legends Lorem Ipsum Xbox name error?

apex legends lorem ipsum

Well, what is Lorem Ipsem? In actuality, it’s a Microsoft placeholder name used for a title that may not have a confirmed name or launches in an accelerated fashion without time to switch over to the product name. Just like Apex Legends, then.

The Microsoft site outlines the history of the Lorem Ipsum phrase, if you want to know more about its (gibberish) meaning, with its use as a typography indicator dating back to the 16th Century.

But you’re not here for that. All you really need to know is that it’s a placeholder name for Apex Legends and Xbox/Microsoft hasn’t quite caught up enough yet to change the name from its stand-in status to its actual name.

It happens, too, with review codes: Achievements and game names are often set to go live a few days before release to avoid breaking embargoes, leaks and the like. If you find you can’t unlock achievements in Apex Legends, it is also probably tied to the Lorem Ipsem error.

Is there an Apex Legends Lorem Ipsum fix?

apex legends lorem ipsum

Unfortunately, not yet. But a fix is almost definitely forthcoming, and will be released without fuss. The next few days should see the system get jolted back into place and you’ll have Apex Legends instead of Lorem Ipsum appearing on your Xbox One account. Expect everything to be normal by February 8 and, if not, it won’t hurt to give EA Help on Twitter a quick nudge to let them know.