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Apex Legends Self-Revive | How to res yourself

One of the most powerful abilities in Apex Legends is the self-revive, but it’s not always clear how to res yourself. Usually, your squad has to revive you in the middle of combat, with a short time-limit until you bleed out. This isn’t always possible when your squad is pinned down by enemy fire. The Apex Legends self-revive Resurrection ability can be the difference between life and death, giving you the ability to recover from being knocked down, even when the rest of the squad has fallen. Here is how to self-revive in Apex Legends. 

How to self revive in Apex Legends

how to self revive in apex legends

The ability to self-revive isn’t limited to any of the eight characters. Any character can perform a self-revive, as this ability is unlocked through a legendary item in the game. In Apex Legends, knockdown shields can deploy a temporary defensive barrier when you’re knocked down, but the legendary knockdown shield comes with an extra ability called “Resurrection.” With this legendary item equipped, you can self-revive after being knocked down by enemy fire, giving you the same effects as if your squad had revived you.

The legendary knockdown shield can be difficult to find, but is more likely to appear in care packages and in the Hot Zone, which is indicated by the blue zone on the map. However, this shield does not make you invincible, as that would be more than a little unfair. Instead, the Resurrection ability is consumed upon use, so you can only revive yourself once. The self-revive takes about the same time as a normal revive by a squadmate, so make sure you’re in cover, or the enemy squad might finish you off before the revive can be completed. This legendary item can be particularly handy in the last stages of Apex Legends, as enemies are far less likely to attempt a finishing move when you’re knocked down, giving you enough time to self-revive and get back in the fight.