Apex Legends TTK | What is the Time to Kill on players?

The Apex Legends TTK is seeing players struggling to kill their opponents, as eliminations have a pretty high Time to Kill given the amount of health, shields, and armor that players can acquire. As such, some are growing frustrated by watching opponents withstand a lot of damage without being knocked down. However, the Apex Legends Time to Kill isn’t as high as you might think, though there are a lot of variables.

Apex Legends TTK | Average Time to Kill

Apex Legends time to kill ttk

We assessed the damage and rate of fire of every gun in the game, calculating how long it would take each weapon to down an opponent with maxed out health and shields. Players have 100 HP in their base health pool, with them able to acquire an additional 100 HP in shields when picking up body armor. We tested out the weapons without any additional attachments.

Weapons in Apex Legends are divided into five categories — assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, snipers, shotguns, and pistols. In our test to discover the average TTK in Apex Legends, we disregarded both the Kraber sniper rifle and the Mastiff shotgun, as they are Legendary pick-ups that are unlikely to be picked up by the player in a standard round.

The average amount of damage dealt per second in Apex Legends is 72.4. It is unlikely that the average player would pick up Epic (purple) or Legendary (gold) armor in a game, with the majority acquiring common. This means that the majority of players have 150 HP. These players would be killed in 2.1 seconds if we assume that their attacker is landing all of their shots. These are just body shots, with headshots mostly doing double damage across weapons. By these metrics, taking down a player with a full health pool of 200 HP would take 2.7 seconds, and a player with Epic armor and 175 HP would be taken down in 2.4 seconds.

But Apex Legends‘ weapons vary widely in terms of how long it’ll take them to take down an enemy. Let’s assess how long each weapon class takes to kill a player.

Apex Legends TTK for each weapon class

Apex Legends ttk weapons

To determine the average TTK for each weapon class, we combined the average body and head damage per second delivered by each weapon in each class. We then calculated how long it would take that amount of damage to down an opponent with 150 HP, and then worked out the average time between body shots and headshots.

Note that the following TTKs are rough estimates based on consistently hitting a target. In an average game, you’re unlikely to land every single one of your bullets, meaning that your TTK will be higher. This is just an outline of the TTK in Apex Legends without taking into account player skill level, or the various attachments that can be equipped to each weapon.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles deal an average of 63.3 of body damage per second and 126.6 headshot damage per second if the player doesn’t miss a shot.

  • TTK with body shots: 3.1 seconds
  • TTK with headshots: 1.5 seconds
  • Average TTK: 2.3 seconds


SMGs are trickier weapons to judge as they have high recoil, meaning that hitting enemies consistently isn’t going to be achievable by the average player. As a result of this recoil, they suffer long-range, meaning this average TTK can only be considered when an enemy is in a relatively close range.

  • TTK with body shots: 2.7 seconds
  • TTK with headshots: 2.2 seconds
  • Average TTK: 2.45 seconds


The two LMGs, the Devotion and M600 Spitfire, differ substantially from one another. The Devotion deals 51 body damage per second while the M600 Spitfire deals out 80, with the latter more useful of the two as a result.

  • TTK with body shots: 3 seconds
  • TTK with headshots: 1.5 seconds
  • Average TTK: 2.25


Unsurprisingly, snipers are at their best when you’re targeting heads. Their average TTK isn’t the best in the game just because body shots aren’t as impressive with them, though if you have a good aim, they can be incredibly deadly.

  • TTK with body shots: 3.2 seconds
  • TTK with headshots: 1.6 seconds
  • Average TTK: 2.4 seconds


Shotguns are beastly in Apex Legends. Each shotgun fires off pellets that deal huge damage if each one connects. However, while their average TTK is super impressive when you’re hitting every headshot perfectly, chances are that’s not going to work out perfectly for you in a regular match.

  • TTK with body shots: 1.8 seconds
  • TTK with headshots: 1.2 seconds
  • Average TTK: 1.5 seconds


Pistols are very powerful in the right hands. While the P2020 and RE-45 are reliable enough until you get your hands on a better weapon, the entire class is improved by the presence of the Wingman. With a devastating 90 body damage per second, if a player manages to consistently target the head, they can be more powerful than a sniper rifle.

  • TTK with body shots: 1.1 seconds
  • TTK with headshots: 1.6 seconds
  • Average TTK: 1.35 seconds