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Apex Legends Prone | Can you go prone?

Apex Legends is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Titanfall battle royale game is a fun one, filled with fast-paced movement and intense gunfights, but can you go prone in Apex Legends? Going prone in an FPS is a useful tool for those of you who like to camp, waiting for your prey to walk into view. Is there an Apex Legends prone state?

Apex Legends Prone | Can you go prone in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Prone

The short answer is no. Unfortunately, you cannot go into a prone position on Apex Legends. You can, however, make it feel almost like you are. While you can’t actively lay down on the ground in a prone state, you can both crouch and slide. Apex Legends is about free-flowing movement, with its ever-decreasing circle, too, you won’t want to remain still for long anyway.

Apex Legends Prone | How to crouch

Apex Legends Prone

As in any first-person shooter, you can crouch in Apex Legends. Crouching is a useful tool as you will be less likely to be heard, and a little harder to hit. A tap of Circle, or B, will let you crouch down. You can, however, make crouching feel a little more like going prone. Simply head into the Settings menu at the bottom right hand corner (the gear icon) of the main menu. From here, locate the crouch section by going to Controller and change “Crouch Button” from toggle to hold. Doing this means you will have to hold the crouch button a little in order to crouch down, much like you have to hold to go prone in Call of Duty and other first person shooters.

Apex Legends Prone | How to slide

Apex Legends Prone

Along with crouching in Apex Legends, you can also slide around the map. To do this, you will need to first start sprinting. While sprinting, simply hold Circle or B and your character will start sliding. You can even slide down entire hills without interruption in Apex Legends. Letting out your inner penguin will ensure you keep low and keep moving quickly.