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Apex Legends Fast Ultimate | How to get Ultimate faster

Ultimates in Apex Legends can be a real game changer when the fight gets tough. Our Apex Legends fast Ultimate guide will give you the tips you need to speed things up! After all, a faster-charging Ultimate ability means putting a quicker end to the battle. While each of the game’s Legends has their own unique Ultimate ability, every single one of them can make a difference in a fight and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get it just a little bit faster.

To start, your Ultimate ability is always charging passively. Even if you spend most of the match running, odds are you’ll get your Ultimate or get pretty close to having it available. However, you’re able to speed things up simply by killing enemies. Players who can consistently take down their opponents will get access to their Ultimate that much faster, making them all the more dangerous. There is, however, one critical item to get your Apex Legends fast Ultimate that not a lot of people know about.

Apex Legends Fast Ultimate | What items should I use to increase Ultimate recharge?

Apex Legends fast ultimate

Your Ultimate charges passively and you can speed things up by killing enemies, but there’s one particular item in the game that can give you a pretty nice boost to your Ultimate charge. Ultimate Accelerant is something you can find in the course of a match in supply drops, buildings, and in Apex robots, that will give you a whopping 20 percent to your Ultimate charge. If you find it, there’s rarely a reason not to use it right away so you’re better prepared for the next fight.

That said, not all Ultimates are created equal. If you have Lifeline on your team, you may want to consider giving your Ultimate Accelerant to her. Her Care Package Ultimate ability is super useful for getting some much-needed equipment without having to search buildings and risk being caught flat-footed.

Just bear in mind that using Ultimate Accelerant takes seven seconds and you’ll be completely vulnerable. If you’re the one using the item, make sure you’re safely in cover so you can’t get picked off easily. If you’re one of the teammates, cover your buddy so they can get powered up without getting ambushed.