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The Division 2 Black Screen | How to fix the black screen crash on start-up

Forget the Blue Screen of Death, it’s The Division 2 black screen, and its tendency to crash the game upon booting up and starting the Beta that’s frustrating players right now. So, if you want to actually play the beta but can’t thanks to the game freezing on start up via either a black screen or a white screen, then you may want to try a few The Division 2 black screen crash fixes down below.

What is The Division 2 black screen error?

the division 2 black screen

You’ll never guess. Okay, maybe you will. Players are finding themselves stuck even before they reach the main menu upon booting up The Division 2 beta client on PC. No logos, no images, just a mouse cursor (at best). Even going to fullscreen or tabbing out from there can lead to the game crashing and requiring a restart. In short: you can’t play the beta if you’re suffering through this.

How to fix The Division 2 black screen error

the division 2 black screen

As evidenced by the litany of replies on the Ubisoft forumThe Division 2 black screen error appears to stem from any number of overlays you have running on your PC. If you have a Discord overlay, Steam overlay (such as a friends list), or any overclocking software active and running in the background such as MSI Afterburner, it might be best just to turn them off when playing The Division 2 beta. Open up Task Manager by using Ctrl + Alt + Delete to ensure there are no pesky background programs running without your knowledge. It’s not a perfect remedy, but it’s a workable one nonetheless, and a solution that doesn’t require too much re-jigging.

Making sure your graphic drivers are updated may also yield positive results. Again, this isn’t a definitive fix, but it’s one that has worked for members of the community, at least temporarily while the team(s) at Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment look into the issue. Bugs and kinks are to be expected; it’s what a Beta is there for!