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The Division 2 Beta progress | Does beta progress carry over?

The Division 2 private beta is running now, and players from around the world are getting their hands on Ubisoft’s Washington-set sequel for the first time. Seeing as everyone currently playing the beta is almost certainly a pre-order customer, they’re certainly going to want to play the final game when it comes out on March 15. In that case, the most important question now is: does The Division 2 beta progress carry over to the main game? Or, is the beta just for fun and to try the game out? We’ve got the answer.

Does The Division 2 Beta progress carry over to the main game?

The Division 2 private beta is currently running right now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and it’ll run until February 11. You can enjoy the beta all you like, and do whatever you like, as it’s just a taste of The Division 2. Unfortunately, don’t get too attached to the character you’ve made, since we can confirm that The Division 2 beta progress will not carry over to the final game. Sorry.

Why does beta progress not carry over?

Officially, Ubisoft has said that, “to ensure that all players start the game on the same level and enjoy a fair gaming experience, the progress achieved during the Beta will not transfer to the live server.” The publisher is making sure that players of the private beta don’t get an unfair advantage over players in the final game. It also should be pointed out that beta characters are capped at level 7 anyway, so there won’t be that much progress lost.

With nearly a month until the final game, the game’s team will also be using the information from the beta to make The Division 2 better. Remember that betas are not demos, or early slices of the game, they’re entirely for testing purposes. It’s actually very rare for any game’s beta progress to carry over into the final version, so it’s not surprising that The Division 2 doesn’t offer that.