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Apex Legends Cloud Sync | Error Syncing Cloud Storage Data fix

Apex Legends is only a couple of days old and it’s already one of the hottest games around, but the disadvantage of having a surprise global launch without any sort of public beta is that a lot of errors and issues can crop up. The latest problem to arise is specific to PC users of EA’s Origin client, who are getting an Apex Legends Cloud Sync error, along with the message “Error Syncing Cloud Storage Data.” What is this error, and what can you do if you encounter it? Other than panic, here’s a possible fix.

What is the Error Syncing Cloud Storage Data alert?

The “Error Syncing Cloud Storage Data” error message only affects PC users via EA’s Origin client, and is usually coupled with an immediate crash. Generally what happens is, you’re playing Apex Legends on PC normally, and then suddenly the game will freeze and you’ll get the following message:

“Error syncing Cloud Storage data. Your latest cloud storage data may not be available.”

This can happen immediately or during a game. Some players are able to continue playing after receiving the message, but they report major issues, such as long load times, unplayable lag, or being kicked from games for no apparent reason. It’s a real issue.

How to solve the Apex Legends Cloud Sync error

Unfortunately, there is no universal solution to the Apex Legends Cloud Sync error, but there’s at least one simple fix you can try first, which is to disable cloud syncing within Origin. Open up the client, then on the menu at the top of the screen choose “Origin,” “Application Settings,” then the “Installs & Saves” tab, and right at the top should be “Cloud Storage” with “Saves” as the only option. Flip the toggle to turn this off, then restart Origin and try Apex Legends again. If it works, you can continue playing. Just remember to turn it back on after they’ve fixed the issue. If it didn’t work, you’ll just have to keep an eye on the forums for any other solutions or patch notifications.