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Apex Legends Party Leader Quit error fix

Apex Legends released in a better state than most free-to-play battle royales, but a few bugs have been known to affect players on PC. While the best PC settings can help fine-tune the game, some players have reported an error message of “Party Not Ready” popping up when trying to enter a new game, forcing players back to the home screen or even needing to restart the game. The Apex Legends Party Leader Quit error fix has seemingly been proven to resolve this issue on PC, severing ties between the player and their previous party to enable further play. Read on to find out how to enable the Party Leader Quit error fix in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Party Leader Quit error fix

Apex Legends Party Leader Quit

The “Party Not Ready” issue has been reported in the days since launch, but until now required players to restart the game after every single match on PC, proving to be a constant frustration for those affected. Further reports also indicated that deleting and re-downloading the game also didn’t resolve the issue. However, any players presented with the “Party Not Ready” message upon entering a match should now try navigating to the Friend List, which should resolve the issue. A new message saying “Party Leader Quit” should appear at the bottom of your screen a few seconds after entering the Friend List, suggesting that any link to your former party has now been severed.

While not the most direct ways to solve the issue, numerous players on Reddit have reported that the Apex Legends Party Leader Quit error fix then allowed them to play normally. It’s likely that this issue will be properly addressed by Respawn soon, but in the meantime, affected players can now return to play the game as normal. Among other issues on PC, some players have reported an Easy Anti-Cheat crash upon launching the game, which we’ve found some possible fixes to resolve the issue.