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The Division 2 Beta MIKE error fix | Why can’t I access my profile?

What’s in a name? The Division 2 Beta MIKE error is proving to be one of the trickiest to do away with and, if you need a fix for it, then you’re probably in need of help. This guide is for you. Read on to discover what the Division 2 Beta MIKE error is, how to fix the MIKE error. Yes, it’s the reason why you can’t access your profile in-game, in case you were wondering.

Division 2 Beta MIKE error | Why can’t I access my profile?

Division 2 Beta MIKE error

According to the official Ubisoft support page, the Division 2 Beta MIKE error is “related to the game not being able to access your profile.” Essentially, the error message will crop up when the game fails to recognize your profile. This will manifest itself by kicking you out of the game, giving you the MIKE error message.

It’s unknown why the game can’t access your profile, but, at least there is a fix for the MIKE error. It’s simple, too, but does come with a little word of warning.

Division 2 Beta MIKE error fix

Division 2 Beta MIKE error

Before either Ubisoft or Massive Entertainment release a patch that stops The Division 2 Beta failing to access profiles, there is a quick fix for the MIKE error. As per the Ubisoft support page linked to above, the fix is simple enough to achieve.

“If you have been disconnected and receive a MIKE error when trying to reconnect, the game is simply trying to recover your profile.” If this happens to you, exit the game and try to start it again in five-to-ten minutes. Waiting this long should work, but if it doesn’t, give the game up to 30 minutes to find your profile again and let you log back in.

On top of this, however, you might receive a message declaring that “Your progression might be lost.” Don’t worry too much about this message, however, as The Division 2 Beta should “recover the latest working profile,” which may result in progress losses of up to ten minutes. If you do lose any progress thanks to MIKE, it shouldn’t be too much, thankfully.

Remember, too, that if you create another character or play as a different one, you should be able to head straight back into the game. MIKE error or no.