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The Division 2 Can’t Open Garage Door | How to complete the Department of Justice side mission

The Division 2 Beta was bound to throw up a few odd bugs, but this is a particularly strange one. There are many who can’t open the garage during the Department of Justice side mission. Thankfully, there’s a Ubisoft-mandated workaround, which you can read below. So, if you want to know how to open the garage door in The Division 2 then be sure to read on to below. Plus, we’ll run through the “Can’t open garage” Division 2 Beta bug so you can tell your friends how and why to steer clear.

What is The Division 2 Department of Justice “Can’t open garage” bug?

If you’ve started the Department of Justice side mission in The Division 2, you’ll know exactly what the deal is here: Towards the start of the mission you’re tasked with opening a garage door. Except you can’t. This is despite (presumably) you and your squad having killed everyone in the area and thus being able to proceed, in theory.

Thankfully, it’s not a mission-stopping bug. You’re just looking in the wrong place.

How to open the garage in The Division 2 Beta

Want a tried-and-tested method to bypass that garage door and continue on with The Division 2‘s Department of Justice mission? No, don’t worry, it’s not a simple “restart your game” trick. This solution, in fact, comes from Ubisoft itself. As outlined on the Ubisoft forums, the path you should take is as follows:

  • “Down the ramp there should be a small door on the left. Inside that room is a button that opens the garage.”

Got that? Instead of trying to run up to the door itself and interacting with it, you need to pop inside a room and press the mechanism to open the door. Now you know how to open the garage door in The Division 2. Maybe take the car next time?