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Metro Exodus Preload | What time does it unlock?

Metro Exodus preload is a matter of urgency for those waiting to play the series’ next installment. Metro Exodus will be released on February 15 at long last, and people want to know what time Metro Exodus will unlock in their region too. Find out all about the Metro Exodus preload and unlock times with our guide.

When is the Metro Exodus preload available?

metro exodus preload xbox one ps4 pc

As always, the time that you can begin your Metro Exodus preload is dependent on what platform you’ll be playing on. If you’re on Xbox One, you can begin pre-downloading it whenever you like. Preload has been available on Microsoft’s console for a while so, if you haven’t started it already, you best get on it.

If you’ve got the game on PS4, preload begins on Wednesday, February 13. If you have automatic download enabled on Sony’s console, Metro Exodus will download as soon as it’s available.

Finally, there’s been a bit of confusion over the PC version, what with the game being exclusively released on the Epic Games store. If you purchased the title on Steam before this announcement, Metro Exodus preload will be announced in course, according to the game’s official Twitter account. If you bought it on Epic’s store, however, you won’t be able to preload it. This was also confirmed by Metro ExodusTwitter team, so you must wait until February 15 to download it.

Metro Exodus preload unlock times

metro exodus preload unlock times

The Metro Exodus preload unlock time on Xbox One will take place at 12 AM GMT. If the game unlocks at this time across the globe, US Xbox One owners can play it from 7 PM Eastern and 4 PM Pacific. It’s much more likely each regional unlock will occur at midnight on February 15 though, so that some people don’t play it earlier than this date.

For PS4 owners, the US Amazon store claims that Metro Exodus will be available at 12 AM Pacific. Again, expect it to be unlocked at midnight in each region. PC users, meanwhile, will have their copy unlocked at midnight to save any confusion over Steam or Epic store purchases.