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Who won Apex Legends Twitch Rivals? | Europe and North America

The first of the two sets of Apex Legends Twitch Rivals challenges is over. Eight teams faced off against each other in both European and North American pools over four hours of intense, exciting action. Who won Apex Legends Twitch Rivals, though? Read on to discover which teams won their respective challenge in Europe and North America.

What is Apex Legends Twitch Rivals?

who won apex legends twitch rivals

Over two days, one ending yesterday, and one on on February 19, 2019, a grand total of 16 teams of Apex Legends Twitch streamers battle it out across four hours of intense gameplay. Eight of the sixteen teams fought it out in a European contest, while the other eight were at each others’ throats in North America.

Across the four hours, teams were awarded points based on performance. A team win would earn five points and a kill would earn one. The teams were ranked in order of one-to-eight, with the highest-ranked team earning a bigger slice of the prize money pool. The winning teams of yesterday’s streams earned themselves a cool $8000, while the last-placed team took home $3000. What’s harsh, however, is that in the North American portion of the competition, there was just one point separating first and second place.

Who won Apex Legends Twitch Rivals?

Who won Apex Legends Twitch Rivals

There were two winners of today’s Twitch Rivals event. One in Europe and the other in North America. The winners in Europe, with a grand total of 399 points based on 339 kills and 12 wins overall was Team MANE. This consisted of streamers Gotaga, Mickalow, and robi. Because they earned more kills than any other team, Team MANE also bagged themselves an extra $7500 bonus.

In North America, it wasn’t so simple. Kings Canyon took home the coveted first-place spot, with streamers KingRichard, Ninja, and dizzy earning a total of 420 points. This was down to bagging 355 kills and 13 wins. The second place team, however, took home more prize money. Reids Money Team, which consisted of chocoTaco, vsnz, and huskerrs earned 419 points. This was thanks to 369 kills and 10 wins. Due to bagging the most kills, however, Reids Money Team took home the $7500 bonus, not Kings Canyon.

It was a thrilling contest in North America, just a single point separating first and second place. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top on February 19.