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How to level up skills fast in Crackdown 3

Listen up, Agent. If you want to soar higher, punch faster, and blow things up… more, then you’re going need to know how to level up skills fast in Crackdown 3. Whether you need a higher Agility level quickly to complete a challenge, or you feel like being the best you can be in terms of levelling up abilities, stats, and skills in Crackdown 3, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is your one-stop shop for levelling up and, crucially, quick levelling up in Crackdown 3.

How to level up Agility in Crackdown 3

Level up skills fast in Crackdown 3

There are a handful of ways to level up Agility in Crackdown 3. Agility Orbs is the obvious one, but there are different tiers of Agility Orbs. If you find one with one or two smaller circles placed on top of a larger Orb then it won’t level you up anywhere near as quickly as those tiered with three or four circles.

You can find better Agility Orbs in Propaganda Towers, as well as hard-to-reach places such as the towers that house each of Terra Nova’s lieutenants. Completing each Propaganda Tower and finding Hidden Orbs will also net you Agility boosts quickly.

Rooftop Races are also a great source of Agility boosts. Make sure you net Gold times (if possible) to level up fast. Be on the look out for green platforms on rooftops scattered about New Providence to start these.

Finally, starting the game with either Roux or De Sousa will grant you a 10 percent boost to Agility EXP, making reaching level 3 or level 4 a doddle.

How to level up Firearms in Crackdown 3

Level up skills fast in Crackdown 3

At the risk of sounding crude, shooting people in Crackdown 3 is comfortably the best way to level up Firearms. However, the Minigun, with its high ammo count and quick rate-of-fire makes it one of the best for mid-level grinding. Note, however, only weapons tinted blue on your HUD will count towards levelling up your Firearms stat. Yellow is reserved for Explosives only.

Unfortunately, there is no starting Agent that comes packed with a 10 percent Firearms EXP boost. You’ll have to make do with Forgey and Chapman’s five percent bonus.

How to level up Strength in Crackdown 3

Level up skills fast in Crackdown 3

Ever wanted to punch someone so hard that red orbs fly out of their body? You can do that in Crackdown 3. There isn’t a lot of finesse when it comes to getting scores of Strength EXP. Punching things, people, and vehicles will grant you swarms of Strength Orbs, though there is a simpler way to see your Strength skill get higher and higher.

Upon reaching level 2, you’ll unlock the Ground Pound ability. Simply jump and hold B before impact to blast all enemies in a small radius. This is accelerated, again, once you reach level 3. The Flying Fist is a super-charged melee attack. Hold down B and release to kill all basic enemies in one hit, rewarding you with a fair chunk of Strength EXP.

Two starting Agents also come equipped with a 10 percent Strength EXP boost: Jaxon and Chapman.

How to level up Explosives in Crackdown 3

Level up skills fast in Crackdown 3

Your Explosives skill in Crackdown 3 boils down to one thing: blowing things up. But it’s not as simple as making things go boom all the time; there is a smarter, more efficient way around it.

Vehicle Lockup activities are one of the best ways to get Explosive EXP as you’re required to blow up several armored cars in each location. Monorail Stations will also help you level up Explosives more quickly than other locations thanks to its high concentration of easy-to-kill enemies packed tightly into one space.

Also, there are a couple of weapons that prove to be the easiest way to gain Explosives EXP: the Homing Rocket and the Mass Driver are essentially one-hit kills for the vast majority of enemies, and should be used often should you want to be showered in yellow orbs.

Forgey is the only starting Agent that comes with a 10 percent Explosives EXP boost, so be sure to keep that in mind.

How to level up Driving in Crackdown 3

Level up skills fast in Crackdown 3

Probably the toughest of all skills to level up, Driving sounds obvious on paper but, with Crackdown 3’s driving physics being less-than-perfect, you won’t exactly want to get behind the wheel all that often.

Road Races are your best bet, with Stunt Rings, Monkey Moonshine barrels and Hidden Orbs also providing quick ways to level up your Driving stat.

At the early levels, however, you’re best off finding a relatively fast car and just running Terra Nova soldiers down while doing handbrake turns. Seriously. Just watch those purple orbs fly.

If you’re really struggling, you’ll be pleased to know that Zaya comes with a 10 percent Driving EXP boost if you want to start a new game.