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Far Cry New Dawn Eden’s Gift | How to Get the Special Perks

Far Cry New Dawn is out now, and it’s full of enemies to shoot, Outposts to conquer, and missions to take on. However, you won’t get anywhere in the game if you don’t start upgrading your character with Perks. Even better though, at some point in the game you’ll get access to the Far Cry New Dawn Eden’s Gift Perks, five special abilities that can help you dominate on any battlefield, and basically turn you into a superhuman.

But what are the Far Cry New Dawn Eden’s Gift Perks? How do you get them? Why are they so special, and why does it take so long to unlock them? We’ve got the answers, and we’ll go through all five Perks on how to utilize them properly in the game’s post-apocalyptic vision of Montana. Are you ready to taste the forbidden fruit?

What are the Far Cry New Dawn Eden’s Gift Perks?

Perks in Far Cry New Dawn are special upgrades you can buy with Perk points, which are earned by completing Challenges (such as killing a certain number of enemies with a certain weapon), freeing prisoners from Prison Trucks, or finding special magazines at the end of Treasure Hunt locations. You can also buy them with Far Cry Credits, the game’s Premium currency, if you fancy skipping all that game-playing nonsense and just buying your way to a slightly stronger character.

The five Eden’s Gift Perks are different in that they’re not unlocked until the latter half of the game, whereas all other Perks are available pretty much as soon as you start the game. The Eden’s Gift Perks are some of the strongest abilities in Far Cry New Dawn, and are basically magic powers if we’re being honest. They can really turn the tide of battle, or help sneak your way to a full stealth run, although they do run on a special meter, so you can’t use them indefinitely.

How to get the Eden’s Gift special Perks

Somewhere around the halfway point of Far Cry New Dawn, you’ll have won the approval of the New Dawn faction, but their leader Ethan tasks you with journeying to the Bliss-covered north to find his father Joseph Seed (the villain of Far Cry 5, also known as “The Father”), or at least to bring back proof of his death.

You have to travel by boat up a dark river, sticking close to the pink fires that light up alongside the water. As long as the fires are close, you’re safe, otherwise you’ll start to take damage. If this happens, keep on going, and just keep an eye out for a pink glowing pyre, which you’ll need to shoot a fire arrow into to ignite. You’ll occasionally have to park the boat to open a gate. There’s a lever on the other side, just watch out for Bliss-infused wolves.

Eventually you’ll get to Joseph’s sanctuary at the dam at the top of the river, at the northernmost point of the New Dawn map. Lighting the last fire will remove the darkness, and you’ll be in daylight at last. Go and meet Joseph (making sure to grab the Photograph location here), and you’ll watch a cutscene where he describes how you need to cleanse your sins before you receive the miracle of Eden’s Gift. He’ll have you bite an apple from his special tree, which we’re pretty sure we read something about in the Bible.

Regardless, you’ll now be in a boss fight against your personal demons, which manifest in the form of a vicious bear (those demons aren’t very imaginative). You’ll only have a bow to fight it off, and you’ll quickly notice just firing arrows at it doesn’t do much. You’ll have to avoid all its attacks and wait for it to rear up, whereupon you can shoot it in its glowing belly. Eventually it’ll vanish and you’ll have to light the wood pyres around the arena, just making sure to shoot the bear too if it reappears and gets too close. Keep this up and you’ll eventually kill it. You’ll get 10 Perk points and unlock the Eden’s Gift special Perks for your trouble.

How to use Eden’s Gift Perk

The first Eden’s Gift Perk is bizarrely also named “Eden’s Gift,” and it increases the regeneration rate of Eden’s Gift. We know, confusing. What the description means is, this is a passive Perk that ups the regen rate of the special meter that the special Eden’s Gift Perks all use. If you’re planning on using these Perks often, this should probably be your first unlock, despite it being the most expensive. It’ll allow you to use them a lot more often. Just remember though, this Perk’s useless on its own.

How to use Eden’s Touch Perk

Similar to the regeneration rate Perk above, but slightly less confusingly named, Eden’s Touch allows you to replenish your Eden’s Gift meter quickly, without having to wait for it to regenerate. Once you’ve unlocked this Perk, all you have to do is perform a Takedown on any enemy. Obviously you’ll need the Takedown Perks unlocked too, but by this point you should have got enough to be able to do Takedowns on most tiers of enemy, if not all. Unlike the first Eden’s Gift Perk, however, this one’s not completely useless on its own, since it’ll also get you health back and loot the enemy you’ve just taken down too.

How to use Wrath Perk

Now we’re getting into the actual superpowers. The Wrath Perk basically turns you into Superman, except without the ability to fly (hopefully that’ll come in a patch later). It’ll boost your speed, punching power, makes you harder to hit, and you’ll be immune to getting knocked down too. You can basically wade in to a group of enemies and punch them to death. It consumes your Eden’s Gift meter though, so either do a Takedown now and again (if you unlocked Eden’s Touch) or just turn it off when you’re safe to let the meter regenerate.

How to use Ghost Perk

For the stealth-focused Far Cry player, the Ghost Perk is the superpower you want. It won’t quite make you invisible, but it will make you much harder to detect, even if you’re standing in direct line-of-sight with an enemy. If you want to get around unnoticed, especially on tougher difficulty Outposts, this is the Perk you’ve been waiting for. Additionally, this Perk also answers a question we’ve had ever since we started playing Far Cry New Dawn, which is “why is there no ‘Hold to Crouch’ option?” There’s only a Toggle Crouch option, which isn’t our preferred method. Since the Ghost Perk requires you to hold the crouch button to activate, there can’t be a Hold to Crouch option. Oh well.

How to use Leap of Faith Perk

Remember us mentioning that Wrath did not include Superman’s flying ability? Well, this isn’t quite it, but you can at least leap small buildings in a single bound. Leap of Faith essentially gives you a double-jump, which you can use to get around with ease, or make it to places you didn’t have access to before. Just imagine the Wingsuit possibilities! Stand on the edge of a cliff, double-jump off, and activate the Wingsuit to glide even further across the valley. Very useful, although we’ll probably still hit a tree as usual.