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Metro Exodus Starting Area | Can you go back home?

Metro Exodus is a game that’s all about moving forward, but players may nonetheless be wondering if they can return to the Metro Exodus starting area. Polis, Exhibition, and all the other places that players saw in Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are the only home that Artyom has ever known and many people on the Aurora crew would certainly love to be able to go back.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to return to the Moscow Metro in the game (with the exception of any hallucinations, flashbacks, etc. that you may encounter). You and your crew not only stole the Aurora from the Hanza trading organization—you blew up a heavily fortified war train. That’s not the sort of thing they’d easily forgive and everyone knows it. However, there is a way to go back to the Metro in a sense.

Metro Exodus Starting Area | How to go back to the Metro

Metro Exodus starting area

While you can’t return to the Metro Exodus Starting Area, you can return to the Metro. It just won’t be the Moscow Metro. Later on in the game, you and your crew need to acquire equipment for the train and accomplish other objectives in Novosibirsk, the third-most populous city aside from St. Petersberg and Moscow. Unfortunately, Novosibirsk has been hit by nuclear weapons just as hard as Moscow has (and in some cases, much harder).

As a result of the horrifyingly bad radiation on the surface, you’ll have to dive down into the Novosibirsk Metro system with another Spartan Ranger in order to accomplish your particular portion of the mission. (Other members of the train crew have split up in order to accomplish their own objectives.) You’ll pop up on the surface now and again, but you’ll mostly be spending your time underground in the Novosibirsk Metro.

In short, you can’t return to the Metro Exodus starting area but you can go to the Novosibirsk Metro later in the game. It’s not quite home, but the tunnel rats among us will find it’s close enough.