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Metro Exodus PC quick save bug fix

A Metro Exodus PC quick save bug is frustrating players who are trying to play the latest entry in the series. With the game now in the hands of players, PC gamers are having issues with saving manually in Deep Silver’s title. Find out what the Metro Exodus PC quick save bug fix is with our guide.

What is the Metro Exodus PC quick save bug?

Metro Exodus PC quick save bug error

The Metro Exodus PC quick save bug is preventing some from being able to save manually. Metro Exodus has an autosave function which saves your game after each cutscene, when you enter a new area, or after an important part of a mission.

Players do have the chance to quick save in the game too though, and they’re supposed to be able to by bringing up the pause menu, selecting “quick save”, and waiting for the six tiles in the bottom right-hand corner to disappear.

However, PC players are finding that this can’t be done. A flurry of gamers took to the game’s Steam forums to complain that they can’t utilise the quick save feature. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you’re playing on, or whether you’re saving via the menu or pressing the F5 hotkey to quick save. The issue isn’t going away, and people want to know if there’s a fix for it.

Metro Exodus PC quick save bug fix

Metro Exodus PC quick save bug

Unfortunately, there isn’t a fix for this particular problem yet. The game only launched on February 15 so, even if they were alerted to it as soon as possible, Deep Silver and 4A Games haven’t had the chance to patch a fix in.

You can’t quick save in some areas of the game, including during combat, so you should be wary of this. But that isn’t the problem for people in the above thread. If you’re affecedt by this issue, you can head to Deep Silver’s support site, lodge a ticket with them, and they’ll advise you on what you can try. It may be a case of wait-and-see, but that’s better than no incoming fix at all. We’d also suggest manually saving during all quiet moments, so you can at least have a backup should things go south.