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Anthem No server found matchmaking failed error fix

Uh-oh. An Anthem No Server Found error is punctuating the opening hours of the game’s launch. Not only is it providing a matchmaking failed error, but it means many can’t play Anthem, despite pre-ordering. Below, we’ll give you a bit of context surrounding the Anthem No Server Found error, as well as if there’s a matchmaking failed fix.

What is the Anthem No Server Found error?

Simply put, it’s a by-product of the exceptionally large amount of traffic a live-service game (and hotly-anticipated release) such as Anthem brings in on opening day. Many EA games are plagued by server issues upon launch, and this is no different. The Anthem No Server Found error, as you can see below, will pop up when trying to join a game or server. You’ll get this message:

No Server Found – Matchmaking failed. No servers matching your configuration found.

Anthem No Server Found

You won’t be able to load a game while you keep getting that error so, can it be remedied?

Is there an Anthem No Server Found error fix?

Anthem No Server Found

As of right now, there is nothing you can do, as the player, to fix this problem. It’s almost definitely on EA’s end, with an employee of the publisher reaching out to users on the EA forums, stating:

“Hey folks, We know that some of you are experiencing connection issues right now. Out [sic] teams are addressing this as fast as they can.”

My best advice? Wait it out. Sure, it’s going to be immensely frustrating – especially if you’ve just plunked down some hard cash on an Origin Premier membership – but it’s part and parcel of the first 24 hours of a game as expansive and solely depending on online servers as Anthem.

You can also keep an eye on official channels: the Anthem Twitter page, as well as EA Help, are great sources of breaking info for an ever-changing issue such as this.

Stick with GameRevolution: As soon as we hear of an Anthem No Server Found error fix, you will too.