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Far Cry New Dawn Photograph Locations | Complete A Thousand Words quest

Far Cry New Dawn is out now, and Ubisoft’s return to Hope County, Montana is packed full of exciting missions, colorful enemies, and challenging Outposts to conquer. However, if you fancy a more low-key and less bloodthirsty challenge, you could try tracking down all the Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations instead.

The side-mission A Thousand Words can be picked up quickly, and it gives you nine photographs to find the locations for across the entire length of the map. You may remember where they are from Far Cry 5 or look up a map of the first game, or alternatively you could follow our guide below and track down all nine photograph locations easily. Let’s get to it.

How to get A Thousands Words photography mission

The side-mission “A Thousand Words” can be picked up right at the beginning of the game, or at least as soon as you set foot in the Prosperity homebase for the first time. Once you’re done talking to Carmina Rye and her mother and are finally given free rein to explore the world, stay in the main room and look around. You’ll find a box of old photographs which apparently belonged to Tracey Lader, who appeared in Far Cry 5. Picking up the box begins the A Thousand Words photography quest, and adds nine photos to your inventory.

It’s possible to buy a map of all photograph locations at some point in the game, but you’ll first have to upgrade your Cartography facility to level 2, which can take a while, and the map is quite expensive. We can give you more detail on each location, anyway.

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 1

The first photograph is located just to the west of Prosperity, so you can get it basically by just leaping over the compound’s wall. You’ll see a camera, a stool, a yellow and black mat, and a note from Tracey Lader, which is the same setup you’ll find at every photography location. If you see it, you’ll know you’re at the right place. Look at the mat and you’ll see a circle. Stand in it, then pull out the appropriate photograph (in this case, John Seed’s Ranch) by holding down the button you use for binoculars. You should get a prompt if you’re not sure.

Line up the photo with the location, which it should snap to automatically when you get close to the right spot, and you’ll tick off this location from your list. The photograph will also get removed from your inventory. Now, on to the next location…

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 2

Just north of Prosperity is probably the most familiar location in the game, if you’ve played Far Cry 5: the town of Fall’s End, which has fallen to the Highwaymen and become the Outpost called the Chop Shop. Just a little south-west of this Outpost you’ll see the remains of Fall’s End’s iconic water tower, which you’ll need to line-up alongside the church in the photo. Head to the location in the map above, find the camera setup, pull out the photo, and line them up. Easy.

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 3

Just to the south of Fall’s End/The Chop Shop and east of Prosperity you’ll find the little airport called Rye and Daughter Aviation, where you helped Nick Rye and his family (including little Carmina) fly to safety in Far Cry 5. It’s still called that in New Dawn, although as with all these locations, it’s seen better days. South-east of the old Rye household you’ll find the place to line up the photo.

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 4

A little further north now, but not yet crossing the river, you’ll find the Outpost called the Pantry. It’s probably worth taking it over, as the photograph location is incredibly close to it, dangerously so. When you’re finished liberating the Pantry from the Highwaymen, head a little east to the area above, where you’ll find the area to pull out the photo. Swing round to the Pantry and line the photo up with what it looks like now.

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 5

Head directly east from The Pantry and the last location until you’re at the spot above. Alongside the main river that bisects Hope County is a location next to a large, completely destroyed bridge called Broken Tears. If you Fast Travel here you’ll end up on top of the bridge, so either grapple or climb down to the riverside and you’ll find the photo point. Hold the photograph of the bridge in its prime in front of its broken remains to check it off your list.

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 6

Follow the river south and you’ll get to a non-broken bridge, and just west of that you’ll find the Refinery, which has been turned into another Outpost conquered by the Highwaymen. You can retake it first if you like, which will probably be easier seeing as this is another photograph location that’s dangerously close to the Outpost. It’s certainly within seeing-and-calling-for-help distance, anyway. When you’re done, head to the point just a little north of the Refinery, and line up the photograph with the building.

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 7

Heading a lot east now, you may be surprised to learn that this is the only photograph location in this entire section of Hope County. If you’ve been tracking down the Specialists to upgrade your Prosperity homebase, you’ll eventually have to find Sharky Boshaw, the friend of your old pal Hurk. He’s located at Chateau Boshaw, which is just south-east of the Empty Garden Outpost, and the easternmost point of the map. Just a little east of Sharky’s home is the next photo point. Pull it out and take a look at the lovely mammoth park it once was, then line it up with the monstrosity it is now. Then you can head over to Sharky to do his quest and recruit him for your base.

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 8

Now it’s time to head north, and the location we’re looking for here is the Old Compound, which was the home of the Eden’s Gate cult in Far Cry 5 (and the place where that game started, if you remember). It’s just a bit south of the current home of the New Eden faction. The Old Compound, though, is now ruined and almost completely submerged underwater. Head to the south bank, overlooking the main church of the waterlogged compound, and you’ll find the camera setup. Pull out the photo of the church in its prime, and line it up with the ruined one.

Far Cry New Dawn photograph locations | Location 9

The final photograph location cannot be collected until a certain point in the Far Cry New Dawn story. After you’re asked to make friends with the New Eden group, the group’s leader Ethan sends you on a few errands to prove your loyalty. Eventually he’ll task you with finding his father Joseph Seed, the main villain of Far Cry 5. Joseph left the group and headed north a long time ago, and you have to either bring him back or find proof of his death. You’ll have to travel quite far north, along a dangerous river where you get hurt if you stray too far from the purple flames. Keep going until you reach Joseph’s Sanctuary, which you’ll know you’re at when then darkness drops away and it becomes daytime again. Just before the sanctuary, on some rocks alongside the river, you’ll find the final photograph location. Line it up and you’ll not only complete the quest, you’ll get a load of Perk points and an Achievement/Trophy.