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Anthem Pilot Level Rewards | What do Pilot Levels unlock?

Anthem is out now for early access players ahead of its full release on February 22, 2019. The online multiplayer RPG has plenty of features and some of them require an explanation, including Anthem Pilot Level Rewards. Read on to discover what Pilot levels are and the answer to what do Pilot Levels unlock? Now get out there, Pilot.

What are Anthem Pilot Levels?

Anthem Pilot Level Rewards

In Anthem, you play as a Pilot and you can level up. You increase your Pilot Level by earning Experience Points. It works essentially the same as it does in Destiny. Upon leveling up, your stats don’t increase as they typically do in RPGs. Instead, you will be able to equip more powerful items and Inscriptions.

The higher your Pilot Level, the better and rarer items and Inscriptions will drop for you. To level up, you will need to complete Feats and Expeditions in order to earn XP. What’s more, at set Pilot Levels, you will unlock new features, including new Javelins to use.

Complete list of Anthem Pilot Level Rewards

Anthem Pilot Level Rewards

As stated above, you will unlock new rewards upon reaching set Pilot Levels in Anthem. Through leveling up you will unlock new Javelins, Forge Slots, and Match Consumables. The full list of Anthem Pilot Level Rewards is as follows:

  • Level 2: New Javelin
  • Level 3: Weapon Slot
  • Level 4: Component Slot
  • Level 5: Support Slot
  • Level 6: Component Slot
  • Level 8: New Javelin
  • Level 10: Consumable Slot
  • Level 12: Component Slot
  • Level 14: Component Slot
  • Level 16: New Javelin
  • Level 18: Component Slot
  • Level 20: Consumable Slot
  • Level 23: Component Slot
  • Level 26: New Javelin
  • Level 30: Consumable Slot and Grandmaster Difficulties

Upon leveling up your Pilot you will unlock a total of four new Javelins to use. Thankfully, too, if you’re finding Anthem too easy, you will unlock Grandmaster Difficulties when you reach Pilot Level 30. Those looking for more of a challenge will definitely be wanting to unlock that. Time to unlock some goodies.