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Anthem Free Shards | How to get Shards without buying them

Anthem free shards sounds like a scam, as it’s rare that a premium currency is just given away. Normally, games hide their most valuable currency behind microtransactions that can only be exchanged for real-world money. Well, BioWare is giving players the chance to get shards without buying them, meaning you can put your wallets away and grind through some tough challenges instead. If you’re curious how exactly you get your hands on these free Anthem Shards, which will enable you to buy some good-looking armor packs or emotes, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know.

Anthem Free Shards | How to get Shards in Anthem

anthem free shards

The easiest way to get Shards in Anthem is — you guessed it — by purchasing them with real money. If you’re drowning in cash and don’t fancy grinding for loot, you can just buy a bundle of Shards. These will accelerate the speed at which you customize your Javelin to look its best. You’ll then be able to immediately buy Fabric, Graphics, Emotes, and more.

At the time of writing, the PC storefront is not yet selling Shards. This means that those hoping to invest more money into microtransactions, can’t yet do so. This guide will be updated when Shards become available to buy.

Anthem Free Shards | How to get Shards for Free

anthem free shards

BioWare has implemented a way for players to get free Anthem Shards. Though, it remains to be seen just how generous the developers will be with the Shard rewards earned in-game. Players who complete Challenges and the weekly Path to Glory will be gifted a number of Shards. As previously mentioned, these can be used to purchase various Javelin customization options, or to extend Agent bonuses.

Expect to hear more about how to get Anthem free Shards in post-launch developer updates.