Box art - Far Cry: New Dawn

Why is Far Cry New Dawn cheap? | Is Far Cry New Dawn a DLC?

Far Cry New Dawn is the latest Far Cry game but there’s something different about it. It’s cheaper than usual and it seems like it should be DLC for Far Cry 5. But why is Far Cry New Dawn so cheap? And is it DLC for Far Cry 5? While it may be confusing from the outset, it isn’t once you have the right information.

Is Far Cry New Dawn a DLC?

No, Far Cry New Dawn is not DLC for Far Cry 5. It is a standalone Far Cry game. Even though you can download it (as well as buy it on a disc), it does not require that you own any other Far Cry game to play, despite the fact that it initially seems like an expansion. It does take place in the same area as Far Cry 5, after all.

Why is Far Cry New Dawn cheap?

This one if harder to as definitively answer but there are probable reasons why Ubisoft did not want to charge full price for Far Cry New Dawn. While it has full co-op support through most of the game and open world, it does not have the Far Cry Arcade nor does it contain any sort of competitive multiplayer.

Jean-Sebastien Decant, the game’s creative director, almost said as much to Variety near the game’s announcement. He said that despite having “plenty of things to do,” it is “slightly smaller” than Far Cry 5 and the team wanted to be “quite generous in its content.” In essence, it seems like the team was aware that this game had less content and didn’t want to overcharge in comparison to the numbered entries. Decant also said that this was like Far Cry Primal in that it was in between the numbered games and allowed them to do something more unexpected. Primal, however, did launch at $60 but wasn’t a direct sequel to any of the other games.