Box art - Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn Campaign length | How long is it?

The Far Cry New Dawn campaign length might be hard to nail down. It is a budget-priced game but it is still and open-world game too. This split means that it is still worth wondering how long the Far Cry New Dawn campaign is given how it could go either way. And even though it won’t be the same for everyone, there will probably be a general hour count that most people will hit.

Far Cry New Dawn Campaign length | How long is it?

The Far Cry New Dawn campaign length will probably end up being around 15 or so hours for many people. This means taking your time and doing most things that come your way. The game can easily be mopped up in less time especially if you tend to fast travel, play without using stealth, ignore side objectives, and barrel through objectives.

There are a lot of RPG mechanics in Far Cry New Dawn, meaning that players who do not choose to invest as much in its role-playing mechanics will also probably burn through the game more quickly. Although many players who choose to play the game as it comes, learn and use its systems, and not rush through it will likely hit the credits near that 15-hour range.

Aside from Blood Dragon, Far Cry New Dawn is the shortest Far Cry in sometime or perhaps ever. For reference, Far Cry 5 took around 25 to 30 hours to complete the story and many of the side missions. Far Cry New Dawn is not a fully priced sequel either so this makes sense.

There is also no competitive multiplayer or Far Cry Arcade. Co-op is available through most of the game is likely where most of the replayability will stem. The game is also built upon replaying the same things on harder difficulties like the expeditions and outposts. And while it is short compared to its predecessors, it is still by no means a short game.