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Anthem Best Javelin | Which Javelin should I pick first?

One of the most critical choices you’ll make in Anthem is which Javelin you should pick. There are four different classes of Javelin, and you’re stuck with the one you choose for at least the first couple of hours you play the game. Each Javelin in Anthem has its own playstyle and abilities that will profoundly affect how you do combat.

Below we’ve gathered the facts you need to figure out which Javelin to pick in Anthem. Choose carefully because you’re stuck with this decision, even if you start the game over.

Which Javelin to pick in Anthem | Well-Rounded | Ranger Javelin

Anthem Best Javelin Choose Ranger

The Ranger Javelin is the jack-of-all-trades of Anthem. It can use a wide array of weaponry, has good mobility, and user-friendly abilities. You can excel in ranged and close combat with the Ranger Javelin and take quite a bit of damage before you start feeling the pain.

However, the Ranger doesn’t excel in any one area. It doesn’t tie you to a particular playstyle, but it also won’t allow you to become a master tank or a speed demon. It’s best used to support the most specialized Javelins so they can get in the right position to do the most damage.

Ranger Special Abilities:

Grenade Gear: Grenade Gear does precisely what the label says. You can equip a wide array of grenades that behave much as grenades do in every other video game. They’re easy to use and can be very devastating when used correctly.

Assault Launcher Gear: The Assault Launcher hardpoint can be used to mount powerful supplements to your primary weapons. The weapons here aren’t as powerful as the Heavy Assault Launcher of the Colossus, but they’re convenient and quite versatile.

Ranger Ultimate:

Multi-Target Missile Battery: This ultimate locks onto multiple enemies and fires a volley of missiles. It’s simple and straightforward to use but lacks the power of the more specialized Javelin ultimates.

Which Javelin to pick in Anthem | Spellcaster | Storm Javelin

Anthem Best Javelin Choose Storm

The Storm Javelin fights from the air, raining elemental abilities down and boosting its allies. This is probably the most advanced Javelin and requires you to pay close attention to detail if you want to be effective. The Storm has a weak defense, but its ability to hover indefinitely makes up for it.

As a Storm Javelin user, you’ll need to keep more in mind than other pilots. Your damage is exclusively elemental-based, so you need to know when to use what attack against which enemy. Your Support Seals are some of the most effective in the game as you can raise a shield of wind around your allies.

Storm Special Abilities:

Blast Seals: These attacks cause area-effect elemental damage. They’re excellent for setting up combos and inflicting status effects on enemies.

Focus Seals: These abilities are much the same as Blast Seals except like the name suggests, they’re more focused.

Storm Ultimate:

Elemental Storm: The Elemental Storm ability calls down a storm of frost, fire, and electricity. It culminates in a massive explosion. It’s very powerful and may be the most damaging ultimate in the game.

Which Javelin to pick in Anthem | Tank | Colossus Javelin

Anthem Best Javelin Choose Colossus

The Colossus Javelin is the big daddy of the Javelin family. I say that because it takes the shape of a Big Daddy from Bioshock and is just as tanky as that iconic enemy. These big boys are packed with armor and firepower but are the slowest suits in Anthem.

If you love wading into enemies with little regard for damage, you’ll want to use the Colossus. Its dedicated shield can help you retreat if you get in trouble, and you can either get in real close with heavy weapons like the flamethrower or sit back and rain death on enemies with mortars.

Colossus Special Abilities:

Ordnance Launcher: These weapons are mounted on the Colossus’ back and deal devastating damage from afar. Their area effect damage can usually one-shot any grunt-type enemies.

Heavy Assault Launcher: These weapons complement the Ordnance Launcher and can be fitted with a wide array of weapons. The Flamethrower cooks enemies close in, while Siege Artillery is best used from afar.

Colossus Ultimate:

Siege Cannon: The Siege Cannon is a high-explosive powerhouse of a weapon that can take out vast groupings of enemies at once. You can fire it for as long as the meter lasts, but you’ll usually only get one or two rounds off before it drains.

Which Javelin to pick in Anthem | Rogue | Interceptor Javelin

Anthem Best Javelin Choose Interceptor

If you’re want to speed in and out of enemy formations before they know what hit them, the Interceptor is the Javelin for you. This suit follows the standard rogue/assassin gameplay trope and is excellent if you’re the type of player who likes to keep moving.

The Interceptor is more melee-focused than other Javelins, so you have to get in close to do the most damage. This can be a double-edged sword as the Interceptor has a weaker defense than the Ranger or Colossus and can find itself in trouble without the proper support.

Interceptor Special Abilities:

Assault Systems: The Interceptor has maybe the most versatile special abilities. Assault Systems can let you splash acid on enemies, freeze them, leave electricity behind you as you dash and more.

Strike Systems: These are more directed at enemies. They make a good complement for taking out enemies quickly when you’re being overwhelmed.

Interceptor Ultimate:

Assassin’s Blades: This ultimate takes a bit more finesse than those used by the other Javelins. Assassin’s Blades will cause each enemy you damage with your blades to be attacked continuously over 10 seconds. It doesn’t have the splash damage of other ultimates so you must be careful to use it properly.