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Anthem Rubberbanding Fix | How to stop rubberbanding error

If an Anthem rubberbanding fix is what you need, then you must really be suffering from a frustrating amount of lag. Having your character bounce around, moving one step forward and then two steps back, isn’t fun at all. Unfortunately, rubber-banding in Anthem is one of the many bugs that were discovered during the beta phase, and acknowledged by developer BioWare, but not yet fully fixed. While the development team issued a patch that targeted rubberbanding, amongst other pesky bugs and problems, players are still experiencing Anthem rubberbanding in the full retail release. Thankfully, there does at least some to be a temporary fix.

Anthem Rubberbanding Fix | How to stop rubber-banding error

Anthem Rubberbanding fix

If you are experiencing terrible Anthem rubberbanding, you’ll want to immediately leave the session that you are in. Once you’ve exited the session, wait a moment before matchmaking again (as you don’t want to be re-added to that same group of players). To avoid any possibility of being partnered up with the same laggy teammates, you can select a different mission.

Of course, the above tip is only helpful if you’re playing with strangers, and don’t mind leaving them behind to find someone new. If, however, you are playing with friends and experiencing rubberbanding, then you’ll want to ensure that you (and your friends, if possible) turn their routers off and then on, and also reboot the consoles. Refreshing the connection for all players will give you the best chance of being able to play with minimum rubberbanding.

If all of the above fails, then the problem could be due to the game itself. With many players reporting rubberbanding issues during the beta, it’s clearly a problem that’s affecting a large number of users. Fingers crossed that BioWare targets this issue with a patch in the very near future!