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Anthem Fast Travel | How to unlock fast travel

While your Anthem journey will no doubt begin with a strong obsession with flying everywhere — thanks to the game’s superb mechanics that have you soaring, hovering, and diving through the air — you’ll soon begin to crave Anthem fast travel, as you start to explore more of the map and travel greater distances between missions. Being able to point to a spot on the map, instantly spawn there, and then start shooting everything in sight, is something that I feel all players will want to do at some stage of their adventure. Yes, the flying is damn awesome, but sometimes, you just want to get to the next mission, right? Unfortunately, fast travel in Anthem is fairly limited, and doesn’t provide the kind of shortcuts that you are perhaps used to. Here’s how to unlock fast travel in Anthem, and an explanation of what it can and can’t do.

How to unlock fast travel in Anthem

Anthem Fast Travel

To unlock fast travel in Anthem, you first need to complete all prologue activities. Once Freeplay becomes available to you, fast travel points will pop up. These are marked on the map with the Strider symbol. As you explore a new area, you’ll unlock new places to spawn. Sadly, the number of Strider fast travel points is pretty limited, and they currently only work in Freeplay.

While some missions force you to fly for a good few minutes, others will spawn you right next to the encounter. There doesn’t seem to be any way of making the fast travel a default, so it’s possibly all down to luck, or a late join into an already-in-progress mission. Regardless, just be thankful that you didn’t have to fly yourself there!

As Anthem continues to evolve, it’s possible that BioWare will implement a “proper” fast travel mechanic. However, the Striders in Freeplay will have to do for now.