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Anthem Tomb of Yvenia Entrance | How do I get to it?

While Anthem is a game that does a lot right, the game’s map isn’t one of its strong points. A lack of waypoints, other markers, and limited fast travel, all lead to a cartographer’s bad dream. This becomes especially evident during the Tombs of the Legionnaires mission, which tasks players with locating four different tombs. Three of them are relatively easy to find, but the fourth is an absolute pain. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you and can provide clear directions to the Anthem Tomb of Yvenia entrance!

How to get to the Anthem Tomb of Yvenia entrance

Anthem Tomb of Yvenia Entrance

The Anthem Tomb of Yvenia entrance is actually found on the ground level, which you will almost definitely miss while flying. What’s more, it’s a dark cave and tricky to spot. Making things more difficult is the fact that the entrance is quite far away from the Tomb marker on the map, meaning players are likely to look elsewhere. Combine the screenshot above with the map position below and you should have no trouble finding the entrance to the last tomb.

Do note how the map makes it seem like the Tomb of Yvenia entrance is accessible from the northwest. The path taken is also separate from the dotted line, so no hint there either. Just a very confusing time all around!

Anthem Tomb of Yvenia Entrance

Once you’ve made it to the Tomb of Yvenia, do be sure to remember the way that you came. It’s highly likely that you won’t yet be able to enter the tomb, meaning a return visit will be necessary.

While visiting the Tomb of Yvenia, you can listen in on the Sentinel’s banter, and also find a few collectible items. Make the most of your time visiting the spot, as you probably won’t want to come back again!