Box art - Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn Hold to Crouch | Is there only a Crouch toggle?

Far Cry New Dawn, the latest game in Ubisoft’s best-selling Far Cry series of open-world shooters, is out now, but while it features many beloved elements from the other games in the series, there seems to be one option that it seems to be missing: a “hold to crouch” button, as opposed to the “crouch toggle,” which seems to be the default. Is there a Far Cry New Dawn hold to crouch button or option? Or, if there isn’t one, why not? We’ve got the answers.

Is there a Far Cry New Dawn Hold to Crouch option?

For anyone who prefers holding down a button to crouch, rather than just clicking it and having your character stay crouched until you tell them not to, the controls list of Far Cry New Dawn is a little disheartening. There’s been a “hold to crouch” button option in every Far Cry game prior to this one, not to mention pretty much every single game ever made with the ability to crouch. But there’s clearly not one in Far Cry New Dawn. What’s worse is that the crouch in New Dawn is incredibly slow, so it’s actually pretty frustrating. Why isn’t there a button for Hold to Crouch?

Why is there only a Crouch Toggle option?

Surprisingly, there is actually an in-game reason why there cannot be a Hold to Crouch button instead of a Crouch Toggle. Later on in the game, after you’ve rescued Joseph Seed and fought a giant dream bear with a glowing belly (don’t ask), you’ll gain access to a number of special Perk powers called Eden’s Gift. Three of these unique Perks require you to hold down a button to activate. The ability “Ghost” requires you to hold down the crouch button to activate it, which is why there could not be a Hold to Crouch option in Far Cry New Dawn.