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Metro Exodus how to save Anna | Can you save Anna?

Bad guys got your wife? Our Metro Exodus how to save Anna guide will tell you how you can get her out of the many dangerous situations she finds herself in throughout the game. Anna is no slouch, but she does end up getting captured every now and again. She has rescued you in the past, so now is as good a time as any to return the favor to Russia’s beautiful Spartan sniper.

Editor’s Note: Massive spoilers for Metro Exodus below.

Metro Exodus how to save Anna | The bunker in The Volga

Metro Exodus how to save Anna

The first time Anna gets in serious trouble is in The Volga. She goes off to scout on her own and falls out of radio contact entirely. You’re given a general area to search, but she appears to be nowhere in sight at first glance. Once you’re in the area, you should be looking out for a blue glowstick stuck in the ground by a hole. (Make sure you have a few minutes of gas mask filters as the area below is hazardous!) Jump down and you’ll find yourself in a bunker with Anna passed out on the ground.

Once you find Anna and put her mask on, you’ll discover that there is no readily available exit. You’ll have to venture deeper into the tiny bunker, restore power, then open up the massive blast doors next to Anna. It’s not a large facility, so there’s not really any concern about getting lost. It’s best to move quickly so as not to waste precious filters needlessly.

The bunker has more than a few of the humanoid mutants that have occupied some of the more industrialized areas in The Volga. Moving quickly and quietly is the best way to preserve your filter time and accomplish your objective. If you do have to use a gun, the close quarters should make any fights relatively easy. Just watch your back—the mutants have a habit of crawling out of the walls.

After you’ve powered up the bunker door, you’ll find other Spartans waiting outside for you. Anna will return to the Aurora and you can continue on your way. This is the first stop in our Metro Exodus how to save Anna guide, but it certainly isn’t the last.

Metro Exodus how to save Anna | The crazy cannibals in Yamantau

Metro Exodus how to save Anna

Following the fun at The Volga, Colonel Miller believes he has finally found the remnants of the pre-war government. He directs the train to a bunker in the Urals. Arytom, Anna, and Miller all head into the bunker while everyone else remains on the train outside. You head down an elevator and speak with the government remnants, only to discover that they are unknown people who are simply making use of the facility. Everyone is quickly captured despite your best efforts.

The bad news: the military bunker is now occupied by a sinister doctor and a bunch of insane cannibals. The good news: they are idiots, and you and your companions are all highly-trained special forces operatives. You’re able to quickly get control of the situation and secure the immediate area, but Anna is dragged away by some of the bad guys. There’s no real special trick to this one. Anna is at the end of the Yamantau level; simply progress through the bunker and you’ll find her at the end. There’s no real time pressure here, either, so take your time to carefully search the bunker for useful supplies.

Metro Exodus how to save Anna | A cough in the Dead City

Metro Exodus how to save Anna

As strong of a fighter as Anna may be, there is one enemy that is difficult for even the hardiest of Spartans to fight: illness. That little slip into the bunker back in The Volga has apparently made Anna ill. A worrying cough has been plaguing her ever since that moment and things come to a head when she coughs up blood following your adventures in The Taiga. A cursory examination of her shows that she’s badly in need of medication that can heal her but you just don’t have it. It is here that you and Colonel Miller will once again descend into the Metro, this time in the dead city of Novosibirsk.

Unlike Yamantau, you know that you’re going to be away from the Aurora for a long time. In fact, this is the last time that you’ll be aboard the Aurora before the end of the game, making this for the last opportunity to decide what weapons you want to carry with you into Novosibirsk. You’ll deal with mutants of all sizes and at all distances while underground, so a combination of a shotgun and a long-range weapon is a good idea for your primary guns. As for the third weapon, the Helsing is probably the better pick simply for the ability to recover ammo. You’ll occasionally find workbenches in the final level of the game, but it’s still helpful to conserve resources where you can. I strongly advise that you bring a full complement of grenades, too.

This will be the longest underground journey Artyom has undertaken since the previous games Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. There will be some tough enemies including the local version of Watchmen, deadly water creatures, and plenty of strange radiation phenomena. The biggest challenge will likely be the large gorilla creatures towards the end. Evade them if you can, but it’s also entirely possible to take them down. In a pinch, a well-aimed grenade does a severe amount of damage to these big boys.

The critical medication you require to heal your beloved wife is finally discovered at the end of the level. Unfortunately, Artyom has taken on a lot of radiation and his survival will depend on blood transfusions from the crew of the Aurora. No matter how things turn out, your mission is a success and you save Anna from her illness.