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Anthem Clean Javelin | How to get Standard, Clean, and New Wear States

If you want a clean Javelin wear state in Anthem, you’re going to have to put in some work. While the Anthem beta had clean, standard, and new wear states unlocked by default, in the full game you start with only old and dirty. If you’re like us, you probably don’t want to spend the whole game with your Javelin looking like a beat up old tin can. Luckily, it’s not too hard to get your suit looking better.

How to get the clean Javelin wear state in Anthem

While there’s no real info presented in the game how to do it, you’ll almost definitely pick up the clean, standard, and new wear states during your adventure through Anthem. You’ll receive these items by leveling up your loyalty levels with the Freelancers.

For each loyalty level you’ll get a new wear state:

  • Level 1: Standard Wear State
  • Level 2: Clean Wear State
  • Level 3: New Wear State

Anthem Standard Javelin Wear State

The standard wear state in Anthem makes your suit look a little less beat up, but you’ll still see scratches and stuffs.

Anthem Clean Wear State


Clean wear state looks even better. There’s very little or no damage present on your Javelin, and it looks beautiful and sparkly.

The new wear state in Anthem is the sharpest looking of the bunch. Your paint looks brand new, and there’s no dirt or damage present at all.

The only trick is that you need to get Freelancer loyalty to unlock these.

How to get Freelancer loyalty in Anthem

Anthem Freelancer Loyalty Reputation

So, you want to unlock those spiffy wear states in Anthem, so your Javelin doesn’t look like a beat up old fishing trawler. To do that you need to get Freelancer loyalty points. To get Freelancer reputation, you need to do things for the Freelancers.

The best way to accrue Freelancer reputation points in Anthem is to do missions for the faction. Yarrow is the man to see if you’re looking for Freelancer missions and each of his contracts should give you a decent amount of reputation points.

You can also simply talk to NPCs that belong to the Freelancer faction. Just take a stroll around Fort Tarsus and strike up some convos. You’ll notice that after you speak with certain individuals, your Freelancer loyalty meter will pop up, and you’ll get a small number of points. Note these people and talk with them when possible to help speed up the process of getting your clean Javelin wear state.