Box art - Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Avengers Infinity War, Assassin’s Creed, Blood Dragon and more

Far Cry New Dawn, the latest game in Ubisoft’s bestselling FPS series, is now out, and players are discovering that the game is packed full of references and Easter eggs across the board. These Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs include nods to other games in the Far Cry series, other classic Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s CreedSplinter Cell and those annoying Rabbids, Bigfoot, and the biggest movie of 2018: Avengers Infinity War. Let’s take a look.

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Splinter Cell

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs splinter cell

Possibly the biggest non-Far Cry Ubisoft game to get referenced in Far Cry New Dawn is Splinter Cell, further underlining the idea that all Ubisoft games exist in the same universe. In the Government Plane Wreck Expedition, one of the final Expedition missions, and you’ll soon discover that the titular plane belonged to Third (or Fourth) Echelon from the Splinter Cell series. There’s a secret computer monitor that unlocks an area with Sam Fisher’s suit, which you can steal and wear yourself. There are also a number of notes around the plane from “SF,” presumably Fisher, that details the fate of him and his crew following the collapse at the end of Far Cry 5.

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Avengers Infinity War

All credit for this one goes to HeroTK in the Far Cry Reddit community, who posted a video of this Easter egg. The annoying sidekick Hurk makes just another appearance in Far Cry New Dawn, as he seems to have become a mascot for the series (he’s even in Primal) and is once again recruitable as one of the game’s Guns for Hire NPC allies. When he goes down, however, he can occasionally say, “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good!” SPOILER for the end of Avengers Infinity War, but this is the final line from Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the movie… just as he fades away. Don’t worry though, Hurk can be revived, and Spider-Man’s got a new movie out this year so he’s probably fine too.

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Blood Dragon

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs Blood Dragon

There are two major references from Blood Dragon, the popular spin-off of the Far Cry series that seems to get referenced in every game. The first is an outfit you can unlock, either by replaying The Watering Hole outpost to get pieces of it, or by spending 700 Far Cry Credits (the game’s premium currency) to unlock it immediately. This will make your character look like Rex “Power” Colt from Blood Dragon, complete with robot hand.

The other Blood Dragon Easter eggs are, quite literally, Blood Dragon eggs. Just south of the New Eden compound you’ll find Planet Guy Marvel, a mini-museum to the awful B-movie director from Far Cry 5 and the Dead Living Zombies DLC. Alongside posters of that DLC’s movies, and a note from Guy Marvel himself that probably explains what happened to him, are two glowing purple Blood Dragon eggs. Spooky.

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Far Cry Primal

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs Primal

This one’s a bit debatable, but we’re curious enough to include it. After finding Joseph Seed at his Sanctuary in the very northernmost part of the map and then talking to him, he’ll escort you up a hill and ask you to cleanse your sins. Before he offers you a forbidden fruit (never a good sign), you’ll spot this massive mural on a wall on the left. While it seems to depict a monster you’ll shortly meet, and was presumbly drawn by Seed himself since it’s on a concrete wall, the painting itself looks prehistoric. In fact, it looks very much like a cave painting that wouldn’t be out of place in Far Cry Primal, which was the New Dawn team’s last game. There was a powerful bear in that too…

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Assassin’s Creed

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs assassins creed

The photo mode is one of the best features of Far Cry New Dawn, and there are a bunch of awesome poses you can put your character through. There’s a brilliant Vaas pose, for example. Some of these reference other Ubisoft games, most notably the Assassin’s Creed series, with poses for Ezio with blades outstretched, and the one above: Leap of Faith. Make sure to use it when jumping off something, otherwise you’ll look like an idiot. Now, all we need is an outfit…

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | The sad fate of Boomer

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs Boomer

While Far Cry New Dawn has an excellent dog companion in the form of Timber, inarguably the best boy in the game, players of Far Cry 5 are probably wondering what happened to their doggy pal from that game, Boomer. Well, if you take into account the nuclear apocalypse and the fact that New Dawn is 17 years after Far Cry 5, it’s inevitable you’ll come to the conclusion that Boomer is dead. However, he apparently had a king’s funeral. If you go to the FANG Center and complete the For Whom The Bear Tolls treasure hunt, you’ll end up in a crypt under the church. There’s a stone sarcophagus at the end, with some wood covering up the name. Break it and you’ll find the truth: it’s Boomer’s grave!

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | The secret of the Judge

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs Judge

Oh boy. The Judge is one of the most mysterious allies you can have in New Dawn. They never say a word, and will never remove their mask. So who are they? Well, if you head to the bunker where Joseph Seed and the player character from Far Cry 5 were trapped at the end of the game, you’ll find notes from your character. “If I judge as your judge, the judgment is right and just, the judgment is God’s Word… Please give me a mask I am afraid.” Yes, the Judge could very well be the player character from the last game. Whoa.

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Yet another Rabbid

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs rabbid

We call this one “yet another Rabbid” because Ubisoft likes to hide the annoying stars of Rayman’s Raving Rabbids in pretty much every game they do, to the point where we’re pretty sure everyone’s forgotten they’re meant to be Rayman enemies. At the Five Star Theme Park Expedition, the third Expedition mission you go on, you can find a number of banners across the park that features the Rabbids. At least they don’t make a noise.

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Vaas bobblehead

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs

Something else that seems to make an appearance often, at least in every Far Cry game, is the infamous Vaas hulu dancer bobblehead. The main villain of Far Cry 3 had his head stuck on a Hawaiian hulu girl and was given away as a Collector’s Edition physical bonus, and now it turns up all the time. In New Dawn you can find the bobblehead at the end of the Target Practice treasure hunt.

Far Cry New Dawn Easter eggs | Bigfoot

While heading north to find Joseph Seed, you’ll eventually hit New South Eden Gate, which you’ll need to open to continue on. On the other side of the bridge, between rock and a bundle of sticks, you’ll find the burnt and mummified remains of some sort of giant. After all the effort players went into to try and find Bigfoot in Far Cry 5, despite there being a quest in that game around it, it’s sad to think this was the final fate of this noble creature. Of course, Carmina’s father Nick Rye did shoot it on Mars first…