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Battlefield 5 Missing Tides of War Shipment | Where is my Stug tank Iron Skin reward?

So, it seems as if you’re missing a Battlefield 5 StuG IV tank. The Sturmgeschutz tank, to give it its full name, is conspicuously absent from the Iron Skin rewards. So, you’re stuck with a missing Tides of War shipment, despite the fact you can’t complete the Armored Fist challenge from week 5 of the Tides of War list. So, if you need to kill five enemies while attacking enemy objectives using a mobile ground vehicle, you’re as stuck as, well, a tank in mud. Here’s how a missing Tides of War shipment fix, thanks to EA.

Why am I getting a Battlefield 5 missing Tides of War shipment error?

Battlefield 5 missing Tides of War shipment

This all stems from a change to the Iron Fist challenge for week 5 of Tides of War. You were previously tasked with killing 20 enemies while attacking enemy objectives using a mobile ground vehicle. Easier said than done. EA DICE though so, too, opting to nerf the challenge, reducing the number of kills needed from 20 to five.

Unfortunately, that caused a bit of problem for those who already had more than five kills (but fewer than 20) and logged in after the update. It shows the Stug tank unlocked, but the Shipment page showing up as empty, with no clear way of proceeding. EA, however, has spoken out about a fix.

How to unlock the Stug tank Iron Skin reward in Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 missing Tides of War shipment

EA DICE has provided a solution, via its EA Help Twitter account:

  • Kill one enemy while attacking an enemy objective using a mobile ground vehicle; ensure you finish the game
  • Restart your console
  • Restart the game and head to the unflagged shipments page

While it’s not clear whether you need to kill exactly one enemy using the method above or at least one enemy, this should clear out the cobwebs and see you unlocking the StuG IV.

If that doesn’t work, EA Support has also responded to user DaravelFox. In a post on the EA Forums, he mentions their correspondence, stating that “All of the players who are eligible for the reward will get it once the issue is fix[ed].”

So, you either have an irritating workaround, or a bit of a wait while it gets fixed. Either way, you should get your Iron Skin rewards and missing Tides of War shipment sooner rather than later.