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Anthem Purple Screen | Is there a full screen color bug fix?

Seeing strange purple colors while playing Anthem? No, it’s not a trick of the light. The Anthem purple screen bug is a very real and very irritating issue for those who want to get up and about with their Javelins. Except, the purple (and pink) screen that permeates the game when selecting full screen mode on Anthem isn’t going away for some at all. Thankfully, there’s a couple of temporary fixes you can bring in to play to act as a temporary Band-Aid.

What is the Anthem purple screen bug?

Anthem Purple screen

While it isn’t affecting everybody, there’s a couple of things you should know about the Anthem purple screen bug, in case you want to swerve it in future. If it’s happening to you, you’ll know all about it. Everything will be tinted pink and purple once you choose to run the game in full screen and, while you can still make out the game, it’ll look as if it has a purple hue or overlay and you won’t be able to change it.

EA say, simply, it’s a Dolby Vision issue and is being looked at as of late January according to this post on the EA forums. Additionally, changing the options from full screen to borderless may be able to change the problem. There is, though, a couple of fixes available to you while EA works on a fix, courtesy of the Anthem community.

Anthem purple screen fix

Anthem Purple screen

A massive shout-out to EA forum users TommyZed and Xeos-Noceo for these fixes.

Firstly (via TommyZed), setting your default settings to Borderless and resolution to 1920×1080 should be your first course of action. From there, switch to Full Screen and then back to Borderless. This should, inexplicably, fix the Anthem purple screen issue.

There’s another way around it, though, if you don’t want to try that, but you should proceed with caution as you’ll be playing around with game files.

Go to C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\BioWare\Anthem\settings and make a copy of the ProfileOptions_profile file, which should now be called ProfileOptions_profile (1).

Open up the duplicate file and make the following changes:

  • FullscreenDisplayIndex 0
  • FullscreenEnabled 1
  • FullscreenMode 1
  • FullscreenScreen 1
  • WindowBordersEnable 0

Delete the original ProfileOptions_profile file then make a copy of the (1) file and name it ProfileOptions_profile. You should then be able to play but, unfortunately, you’ll have to do this every time you want to play full screen. In terms of saving valuable time alone, the first fix is the best bet.