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Red Dead Online February update | What’s in the new patch

The Red Dead Online February update is almost here, bringing with it a host of changes and new content. Rockstar is launching the Red Dead Online update on February 26 for all platforms.

Red Dead Online February update | New events, modes, activities

A number of new activities are coming to Red Dead Online in the February 26 update. First, Rockstar is adding a new Free Roam event called Fool’s Gold. Fool’s Gold has players compete to control the gaudy but protective suit of Golden Armor, fighting with other players to claim the armor as their own.

Fishing challenges are also coming to Red Dead Online. Players can opt into these competitive challenges and receive all the necessary equipment to compete. You will be safe from harm during fishing challenges, meaning any outlaw who wants to ruin your day of fishing can’t do a thing. If you catch the highest weight total of fish, you win.

New PVP Showdown modes are also coming in the Red Dead Online February update. Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder will be added in the new update, each focusing on capturing and delivering bags of loot. Players can steal loot from their enemies and kill others to come out on top. A new variation of races called Target Races is also coming in the patch. Target Races see players shoot targets from horseback along a track to win.

Red Dead Online February update | New weapons, clothing, emotes and more

Two new weapons are coming to Red Dead Online: the Evans Repeater and Rare Shotgun. Both are available at gunsmiths or through the Wheeler & Rawson Catalogue. The Evans Repeater is a high-grade, high-capacity repeater rifle. The Rare Shotgun (a boring name) is a powerful double-barrel shotgun.

Rockstar is adding a variety of new clothing to the game as well. New outfits, jackets, boots, coats, gloves, hats, vests and more are all coming in the update. Several new emotes are also coming to Red Dead Online.

PS4 players get early access to Open Target Races, which take place in a larger space and are a race to take out the most targets on horseback. The Jawbone Knife will also be part of the PS4 early access content, along with some new clothing and emotes.

There is currently a 20 percent bonus XP event all this week in the lead-up to next week’s update. Rockstar’s official site has more information about the update.