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Metro Exodus Giul Photo | Where to find Giul’s photo?

The Caspian is one of the larger levels in Metro Exodus and it has more than its fair share of secrets to find. A local named Giul helps you out in this level in your search for maps that can assist the Aurora crew in finding out where they need to go. Giul will eventually ask for your help to find a precious picture and our Metro Exodus Giul photo guide will tell you where to get it!

The request to find the Metro Exodus Giul photo is given to you by the female fighter right before you’re about to enter an underground satellite facility. This particular location has a lot of deadly spiders who can rough you up very quickly if you’re not on the ball. They’re scared of light, so make sure to keep your flashlight trained on them at all times while you’re fighting them. It might also be a good idea to have a healthy supply of ammo on hand before heading down into the depths.

Metro Exodus Giul photo | How to find the photo

Metro Exodus Giul Photo

Once you’re underground, the satellite facility is a pretty straightforward experience with a minimum of side rooms. There are two other collectibles in this area (both of which are diary entries), so it makes sense to take your time in exploring. You can find the first diary entry by a red typewriter after you drop down into an office section. The second diary entry also happens to be right next to the photo you’re looking for. After you’ve grabbed the first diary entry, you won’t need to sidetrack to get any other collectibles until you’re at the end of this facility.

The approach to the map room has a noticeably long hallway. You can safely head to the map room first before getting the photo, so don’t worry about missing anything if you want to complete your objective first. The hallway before the map room has a tiny hole on the right side that you’ll have to crawl through. This small section has a bit of loot to pick up, but the collectibles you’re looking for are all the way at the back of this subsection. Find an office with a skeleton at a desk—this is Giul’s mother. You can free the photograph from her hands to take it to Giul. There’s also a diary entry on the desk, so don’t forget to grab that, too! Once you have what you’re looking for, you can safely exit the facility. Don’t forget to actually give Giul the photo!