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Anthem Mission List | All Critical Objectives, Strongholds, Agent Quests, and Contracts

If you’re curious about just how many missions Anthem has, as perhaps you’re doing research before considering a purchase or you just want to know how long is left before endgame, you’ll find our Anthem mission list to be of great use. After completing the game ourselves, including all of the side missions, we’ve compiled each and every mission name into a tidy list. Use it to find out where in the storyline you’re up to, whether you’ve missed a side mission that’s halting your progression with various faction Agents, or just take a look at the interesting names that BioWare has used. Read on for the full Anthem list of missions.

Anthem Mission List | List of all Critical Objectives (Main Story Missions)

Anthem Mission List

  • Silence the Heart of Rage
  • Early Warnings
  • Welcome to Fort Tarsis
  • Lost Arcanist
  • Lighting a Fire
  • Incursion
  • Lending a Hand
  • Meeting With Corvus
  • Challenges of The Legionnaires
  • Freeplay: Tombs of the Legionnaires
  • Finding Old Friends
  • The Tomb of General Tarsis
  • The Fortress of Dawn
  • Crafting the Dawn Shield
  • Mysterious Beginnings
  • Dear Diary
  • Triple Threat
  • Inverse Functions
  • Convergence
  • Freelancer Down
  • Repairs and Inspiration
  • Return to the Heart of Rage
  • (Endgame) Challenges of the Legionnaires

Anthem Mission List | List of all Strongholds

Anthem Mission List

  • The Temple of Scar
  • Tyrant Mine
  • The Heart of Rage

Anthem Mission List | List of all Agent Quests and Contracts

Anthem Mission List

Agent Quests

  • See in the Dark
  • Hidden Depths
  • Elysian Secrets
  • Ancient Footsteps
  • Tell Me Maur
  • Secrets of the Auspex
  • Preventative Precautions
  • Cautious Cooperation
  • A Simple Job
  • Enemy Mine
  • Research and Rescue
  • Apocalypse When?
  • One of Us
  • What Freelancers Do
  • A Favor to Ask
  • A Cry For Help
  • Overdue
  • Tempting Target
  • Bad Deal
  • Impostor

Agent Contracts

  • Decryption Research
  • Archive Hunt
  • Scar Control
  • Arcanist Runes
  • A Helping Hand
  • Sentinel Collaboration
  • In the Wrong Hands
  • First Response
  • Protection Duty
  • Field Work
  • Freelancer Work
  • Fort Patrol
  • (Endgame) Additional Legendary Contracts